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Why Custom Retail Packaging Matters

Custom retail packaging should do more than contain merchandise. It should also communicate the qualities and values that make your brand unique. Retail packaging is one of the most important visuals online retailers and eCommerce brands have. Branded, exclusive and well-executed custom retail packaging can make all the difference for buyers you want to turn into repeat customers.

The Importance of Premium, Custom Retail Packaging

Product packaging influences customers when they shop in stores. High-quality product photos help, but as an eCommerce or online retailer, you don’t have the ability to immediately impress customers with a physical product. When customers receive their orders, the outer package design is the first thing they see. And a plain, simple brown box doesn’t say much.

Dotcom Distribution’s whitepaper study, “Unwrapping the Customer Experience,” uncovers the various ways that premium, custom retail packaging influences customers.

Benefits of Custom Retail Packaging:

Brand Perception – Premium retail packaging improves overall brand perception. Out of 500 shoppers surveyed, 61 percent said premium packaging makes a brand seem more upscale.

Customer Experience – When a brand leverages well-designed packaging, customers are likely to have a more memorable experience – 49 percent of shoppers say that when a product is packaged nicely, they’re more excited to open it.

Product Recommendations – Consumers like to share great products with their friends. This is especially true when those products arrive in attractive packages. According to Dotcom Distribution’s whitepaper, 40 percent of online buyers said that well-designed and branded packaging makes them more likely to recommend and share that particular product with friends.

Lastly, 44 percent of customers said that when a product arrives in excellent packaging, it reinforces their confidence in the amount they spent on that product.

Developing Your Custom Retail Packaging with Dotcom Distribution

Custom product packaging can be costly – especially if you try to do it in-house. However, if you partner with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider with custom packaging, you can avoid the inevitable hassles and headaches, and let your 3PL partner do the heavy lifting.

That’s where Dotcom Distribution comes in. As an industry-leading 3PL and distribution provider, we know how important branded, attractive packaging is for eCommerce brands and online retailers. Regardless of the product you sell, you should have it delivered to your customer in a parcel that is guaranteed to give your brand a competitive edge.

We’ll work with you to identify your brand’s specific, individual needs. By leveraging the right mixture of high-end technology and warehouse personnel, we develop customized, premium packaging that will wow your customers. To learn more about how Dotcom Distribution can design custom retail packaging for your business, or download our whitepaper, “Unwrapping the Customer Experience,” or contact us today.