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What to Look for in a Freight Management Partner

A robust freight management provider can help eCommerce brands better manage freight and shipping requirements. Experienced partners provide granular insights into warehouse inventory levels, help regulate costs and provide real-time, accurate shipping records.

Effective Freight Management: 3 Things to Look for in a Partner

Optimized shipping and logistics is a characteristic that defines successful online retailers and eCommerce brands. But managing shipping and logistics in-house is no easy task. By handing over the reins to third-party professionals, companies can take steps to ensure that customers receive their orders as described, on-time and in perfect condition.

Online retailers and eCommerce brands that are thinking about outsourcing their freight management requirements need to thoroughly research the options before settling on a provider. There are several attributes to look for when searching for a 3PL partner:

  1. Relationship With Carriers – Freight rates constantly fluctuate and are likely to increase during peak sales times (think holiday and promotional periods). A robust 3PL partner can help your brand avoid high shipping costs and other hazards by leveraging close relationships with top carriers. The result? Speedier service, guaranteed space on vessels and lower shipping fees.
  2. International Shipping Capabilities – Many online retailers sell their products overseas. A reliable logistics provider should have freight capabilities to support international sales. Look for a 3PL partner that uses a landed cost model, incorporating all duties, taxes and other costs in the final shipping price. Additionally, some eCommerce merchants offer international customers different shipping speed options. If that’s the case, the selected logistics provider should be capable of supporting those international delivery speeds, guaranteeing that deliveries always arrive on time.
  3. Real-Time Tracking – Just because a shipment has left the warehouse doesn’t mean that it should be invisible to retailers. As part of a strategic freight management plan, a 3PL partner should work with shipment providers and offer technology that provides in-depth, real-time tracking statistics. Brands can see where their products are at every stage of the shipment process – and 3PL partners can present delivery notifications once a shipment has reached its final destination.

For the most flexible, cost-effective freight services, online retailers should partner with a 3PL partner that can provide a variety of shipping options and capabilities.

Freight Management Made Simple with Dotcom Distribution

Dotcom Distribution has years of experience providing eCommerce brands and online retailers with streamlined freight management and transportation services. Our high client volume means that we can negotiate the most cost-effective shipping options, without sacrificing speed or delivery capabilities. Our domestic shipments have an average delivery speed of 1-3 days via standard ground services, and we are able to accommodate a variety of international shipping services.

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