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The holidays are one of the most profitable times of the year for retail brands – but they can also be the most chaotic. A careful approach to eCommerce peak holiday planning can help online retailers avoid problems like mismanaged inventory, inaccurate shipments and late delivery times.

Time for eCommerce Peak Holiday Planning? Here’s What to Focus On

It’s no secret that retailers of all sizes need to prepare for the holiday season. But eCommerce brands are faced with a different challenge than traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Instead of hiring more staff and creating impressive holiday displays, online retailers need to ensure that warehouse and order fulfillment processes are capable of meeting high order demand.

To help brands guarantee success during the holiday rush, here are a few essentials tips to focus on during eCommerce peak holiday planning:

  • Keeping Accurate Inventory – It’s crucial for brands to maintain accurate inventory during the holiday season. Clear, constant visibility into warehouse inventory helps retailers guarantee that they can fulfill customer orders. When a product is sold out, eCommerce companies can update their websites immediately to let customers know an item is no longer available.
  • Maintaining Seamless Order Fulfillment – If there’s one thing customers want during the holidays, it’s for orders to arrive as-described and undamaged. It’s best if online retailers are able to maintain order accuracy and fulfillment numbers above 99 percent. Maintaining high accuracy rates can go a long way toward building consumer trust and increasing overall satisfaction.
  • Adapting Distribution Processes – Regular, day-to-day distribution processes won’t cut it when order volume is high during the holiday months. Online retailers and eCommerce brands need to step up distribution processes during peak holiday seasons and promotional periods to meet constant product demand. Brands should work to make sure distribution processes are scalable, and attempt to reach a peak distribution that is 30 times greater than their average order volume.
  • Monitoring Performance and Warehouse Statistics – One of the most important aspects of eCommerce peak holiday planning is that brands consistently monitor how warehouse personnel and technology are performing, paying close attention to metrics like throughput, quality and supplier performance. In-depth, granular numbers give eCommerce brands the insights they need to identify areas that are in need of immediate improvement, enabling them to make changes on-the-fly.

Online retailers and eCommerce brands face the ultimate test during the holidays. The sheer chaos of the season and the need to juggle various seasonal tasks increase the likelihood that something will be missed or forgotten.

So how can eCommerce companies avoid this misstep? Partner with a robust logistics provider that can easily handle seasonal and promotional fulfillment and distribution. In a tip sheet published by Dotcom Distribution, “How to Avoid Holiday Shipping Disasters,” can help brands predict their season to avoid unorganized inventory management.

Get Ahead of eCommerce Peak Holiday Planning with Dotcom Distribution

At Dotcom Distribution, we know how important the holiday season is for online retailers and eCommerce brands. We also know that attempting to keep up with high demand on your own can drive production costs through the roof and lead to fulfillment mistakes. That’s where we come in.

Through a careful approach that leverages the latest industry technology and a team of warehouse professionals, we help your brand fulfill a larger volume of orders, guaranteeing that consumers receive their orders on-time and as expected.

It’s never too early for eCommerce peak holiday planning. Contact us to get started today.