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These 3PL Services Can Take Your eCommerce Business to the Next Level

3PL Services for eCommerce BusinessesThe logistics and distribution industry is notoriously fragmented. For eCommerce retailers, that means there’s no reason to settle for subpar or mediocre third-party fulfillment services. The goal for every retailer looking to optimize its supply chain should be to find a 3PL partner that can meet more than its current needs. The right 3PL partner should be able to scale its services as the retailer grows, and it should offer more than basic fulfillment outsourcing services.

The 3PL Partner Services That Can Make the Difference for eCommerce Brands

As the eCommerce landscape quickly evolves to meet consumer demand, some 3PLs are expanding their capabilities to better serve online retail businesses. If your eCommerce business could use more than a distribution services provider, these eCommerce fulfillment services can elevate your vendor relationship to that of a productive partnership.

  • Transparent Drop Shipping – For eCommerce retailers, maintaining a positive cash flow cycle is a high priority. Drop shipping is an excellent strategy for avoiding gaps in accounts payable and receivable, but maintaining visibility and control over the shipments are common challenges. If you’re an eCommerce retailer looking to gain from the benefits of transparent drop shipments, there’s no reason to simply trust that your 3PL provider will ensure your merchandise makes it to your customers. A true 3PL partner will go the extra mile and provide you with real-time visibility and control throughout the drop shipment process.
  • Flash Sale Services – Thanks to social media and deal-hungry shoppers, flash sales are a popular way to generate excitement and buzz around your eCommerce brand. But the success of your sale depends on much more than basic fulfillment outsourcing. You need inventory management to ensure that your supply can keep up with demand, sale planning consulting for well-executed sales, truck-to-package flash dock services for speedy order delivery, and real-time reporting services to track success and improve the next flash sale.
  • Kitting and Assembly – Demand for your products can change depending on season, partnerships, promotions and more. When you have a 3PL partner that can provide on-demand, agile kitting and assembly services specific to your distribution needs, your eCommerce business will be in an excellent position to seize market share when opportunities arise. Customized kitting and assembly services can include shrink wrapping, banding, clamshells, auto-bagging, retail sales packaging, gift boxing, custom cartons, serialized assembly, lot control, barcoding, serialization, built-to-order fulfillment, refurbishment and more.
  • Product Photography – The first impression that shoppers have of your products is through your product photography. Having a 3PL partner that can provide high-quality photography as well as distribution solutions can streamline invoicing, reduce costs and ensure that your products are portrayed in the best light – from marketing to delivery. But before allowing your 3PL to handle product photography, make sure that the company has a portfolio of excellent product photography work, employs professional photographers and uses the latest digital photography equipment.

A 3PL Partner for Your eCommerce Business

Dotcom Distribution has designed its extra services to serve eCommerce customers in ways that traditional 3PL providers simply can’t. The reason is simple: We want to be the 3PL partner that helps your eCommerce business exceed its goals – from product photography to transparent drop shipping.

To learn more about how Dotcom Distribution can go above and beyond for your business, contact us today.

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