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The Importance of User-Generated Content

1 year ago
Dotcom Distribution

User-generated content is a crucial factor for online brands’ success. Why? Because when customers share videos and photos of products they’ve ordered online, they’re sharing that product with thousands of friends and peers within their social network.

The Role of User-Generated Content in the Customer Experience

Consumers not only hold an incredible amount of buying power, but their opinions on products have the ability to mold brand perception, as well as influence fellow customers. In Dotcom Distribution’s whitepaper, “Unwrapping the Customer Experience,” 500 online shoppers were surveyed in an effort to provide online brands with more granular insights on a variety of subject matter – one of which was why shoppers choose to share product images on social platforms, and how these images can lead to purchase decisions.

Key findings revealed that user-generated content plays a big role in the overall customer experience.

  • Shoppers often turn to social media when they want to research a particular product, looking for a photo or video from another user who has made the same purchase.
  • Online sharing has the ability to impact customer purchases. Sixty-one percent of shoppers surveyed were persuaded to buy a product after viewing social media content related to that product.
  • Image sharing on social media is a form of visually recommending products to friends or family. Fifty-four percent of shoppers regularly share images via their social profiles.

How to Encourage User-Generated Content and Influence the Purchase Funnel

Sharing product images on social media has far more influence on customer purchasing decisions than traditional online reviews. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become primary research channels for customers considering a purchase.

But social sharing doesn’t just happen. So what can brands do to encourage higher volumes of positive user-generated content?

  • Ensure Order Accuracy – Customers share on social media if the product is good or bad. To stay on the positive side of a post, take steps to ensure that orders arrive accurately and on time with no damage.
  • Go Beyond a Brown Box – Packaging has been proven to affect the way customers feel about brands, with 49 percent admitting they are more excited to receive and open a package when it’s boxed in a unique way.
  • Encourage Social Sharing – Give customers a reason to share their experience. Include a note with a unique hashtag or a coupon for their next order that makes them more likely to post a photo or video.

Dotcom Distribution: Maximizing User-Generated Content

At Dotcom Distribution, we know that exceptional customer experiences are multi-dimensional. That’s why our logistics services include custom packaging and branding, order fulfillment and speedy delivery that motivates customers to share positive experiences on their social media accounts.

We understand the power that user-generated content has on current and potential customers, so we go the extra mile to get every detail right. To learn more, download Dotcom Distribution’s whitepaper, “Unwrapping the Customer Experience.” You can also contact us today to learn more about our eCommerce logistics services.