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The eCommerce Experience: What Makes Your Customers Fall In Love With Your Brand

1 year ago
Dotcom Distribution

The unboxing experience that consumers have at home is one of the most critical touch points for an online eCommerce brand. It’s at that moment when your customer opens the box she’s been awaiting, that she’s reminded of how much your brand values her business. A positive unboxing experience starts with premium packaging and working with your logistics partner to ensure that experience is executed and delivered correctly.

Unboxing a beautiful package releases endorphins, therefore you really want to approach this part of your strategy correctly.  According to Dr. Vincent de Luise, an assistant professor at the Yale School of Medicine, activities such as eating chocolate and unboxing a gift-like box causes a chemical reaction in the brain to indicate that it’s having a pleasurable experience. Dr. de Luise also points out that neurologically, the brain will remember such a positive encounter and will inspire people, or in this case, your customers to desire that moment to be repeated. This is why when we present someone with a gift, we usually go the extra mile and invest in decorative wrapping paper, a beautiful bag filled with colorful tissue paper or even a just a bow. As a consumer brand, you’re essentially acting as the gift giver, and every package you send to your consumer is an opportunity to evoke emotion.

A positive unboxing experience starts with premium packaging and working with your logistics partner to ensure that experience is executed and delivered correctly.

The unboxing experience is something brands need to keep in mind as they think about their eCommerce strategy and plan for their year ahead. In today’s age of the ubiquitous brown box, the way products are presented to consumers is critical. Take a look at your packaging and packing instructions. Does the way you currently deliver your goods to your customer trigger positive emotional reactions and excitement? If not, maybe it’s time to implement some changes to ensure the best experience possible.

With overall forecasted retail sales expected to top $18.2 billion this year, Valentine’s Day is one of the top selling periods for many brands, including several clients at Dotcom Distribution. Many of our clients are also leading the way when it comes to custom, creative packaging and we work with them to help craft the best possible unboxing experience for their customers. Whether it’s by consulting on festive packing instructions, or connecting our clients with leading packaging experts, it’s our goal to help our clients deliver a wow factor that will have their customers coming back again and again.

Here are two ways that you can optimize your customer experience in 2017:

Investing in Presentation: Create Excitement and Boost Your Brand Perception

As a brand, exceeding your customer’s’ expectations should always be a top priority. If you have a brick and mortar presence, this is something you can easily focus on in-store through branding, creative, and direct customer engagement. If your brand is solely eCommerce based, your options to engage with the customer one-on-one are more limited, which is why utilizing the unboxing experience to connect with your customer is a key way to win them over.  A recent study we did found that 60% of online shoppers say that receiving a product with premium packaging gets them more excited to open it. When it comes to building loyalty, premium packaging is again a key ingredient. Forty percent of online shoppers we polled reported that they’d be more likely to purchase from the brand again if their product came in a gift-like or premium package.

Premium packaging also makes a brand appear more upscale.Premium packaging also makes a brand appear more upscale. Over a third of consumers indicated in our 2016 study that the use of premium packaging influenced their perception of the brand with more than 60% saying it made the brand seem more upscale. When it comes to a better unboxing experience due to luxury packaging, even the slightest change can leave positive impacts on your brand and help you break the mold of the brown box status quo. It’s an investment into speaking through your packaging and separating your brand from the competition.

Inspire Your Customers to Share Their Experience

Having your customers be your ambassadors is something your brand should strive for, and it all starts with the unboxing experience they have at home. Brands need to keep in mind that when it comes to a premium unboxing experience, their customers will feel compelled to talk about it, and more importantly, share their experience with others.

Unboxing videos are becoming a very popular way for consumers and influencers to share their first impression of your brand. If the video is of a customer talking about how amazing they feel while opening their purchase from your brand, more customers will take note. After all, we live in a society where reviews are a commodity. Fifty-four percent of consumers who uploaded an unboxing video to the internet did so to recommend the product to friends and family.  Considering that 61% of online shoppers were convinced to buy a product after looking up images and video on social media, this type of organic, word of mouth promotion of your brand is incredibly valuable and powerful.

These unboxing videos also present brands ancillary opportunities for engagement. Ensuring that your brand’s social media handles or hashtags are legible on your packaging is one key way of motivating your customers to share. Inserts with calls to action and unique freebies can also drive your consumers to promote your brand within their circles.  Consider sharing positive unboxing videos using your brand’s social channels and recognizing customers for their support and loyalty. It’s a small step towards building a long and prosperous relationship.

If your current packaging and fulfillment marketing strategies don’t excite your customers, it’s time to re-think this part of your fulfillment process. Maybe it’s time to strategize with your partners and figure out ways to design a compelling unboxing experience that ultimately can help drive sales and long-term customer loyalty for your brand. Be sure to remember that the more excited you can get your customer about receiving your product, the more likely she will share it with her audience. Your top goal, after-all, is to build a fan club of adoring and returning customers.

For more on our research into premium packaging, please visit our resources page and download our unboxing & fulfillment whitepaper.