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How to move a machine that is 33m long, 15m wide and 18m high? BestLogistics’ Project Logistics team knows the drill. The team coordinated the transport of a terminal built by Van Aalst Bulk Handling — cranes to discharge cement, a ship loader and two conveyor systems — together about 17 000 tons via the port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands to its final destination in two new cement-import terminals in New Zealand.

If you’re experiencing road bumps getting your online products to customers, it might be time to consider eCommerce distribution services. Inaccurate order fulfillment, damaged products and slow delivery speeds are symptoms of an anemic distribution and fulfillment strategy. Third-party logistics (3PL) providers handle each step of the process, improving back-end processes, while boosting your brand’s reputation.

Three Benefits of Using eCommerce Distribution Services

Robust eCommerce distribution services tackle more than just basic inventory management and logistics. Service providers that specialize in eCommerce help you address the unique challenges faced by eCommerce brands through a series of services that can be tailored to your brand.

  1. Streamlined Membership and Subscription Fulfillment Services 
    Subscription-based eCommerce is on the rise. If you’re boxing up your merchandise once a month for subscribers, you’ll need a 3PL provider that can handle the fulfillment challenges of a membership service. That means efficiently packaging and delivering the changing roster of items sent to customers each month. Experienced distribution service partners ensure that your customers receive monthly boxes on time and undamaged, so you won’t lose subscribers.
  2. Stress-Free Customer Returns
    Customer returns and exchanges are a reality for online brands, especially since shoppers can’t try on or handle products in person. However, returns are opportunities to provide excellent customer service so that shoppers who might not be satisfied with a product still trust your brand. To do that, you’ll need eCommerce distribution services that provide hassle-free return experiences. Leverage a distribution partner that offers free return shipping with prepaid labels and other flexible options that make for stress-free returns – for you and your customers.
  3. High-Quality Product Photography
    A picture may be worth a thousand words, but for eCommerce brands, a picture is worth a purchase. If you aren’t using high-quality product photography on your website, you could be missing out on sales. Consider an eCommerce distribution services provider that uses experienced photographers with the best studio equipment to capture high-quality pictures. Editors will retouch photos to ensure your items are presented in the best way possible without losing authenticity.

eCommerce Distribution Services You Can Rely On

Dotcom Distribution’s fulfillment facilities and systems were designed to provide the best eCommerce distribution solutions. We’ve worked with top online retail brands to streamline logistics operations and promote brand growth. Our services and capabilities include:

  • Multi-channel fulfillment
  • Still-life, 360° and on-model photography services
  • Kitting and monthly subscription services
  • Global logistics
  • Freight management

To learn more about how Dotcom Distribution can help scale your eCommerce distribution services, contact us today.