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Fulfillment Tips

Drop shipping beauty products is an advantageous fulfillment method for eCommerce and online retail brands offering beauty products and supplies. Why? Because drop shipping eliminates the need for in-house inventory, allowing retailers to ship products directly from the distributor to the consumer.

3 Benefits of Drop Shipping Beauty Products

Beauty products are part of a multi-billion dollar industry, an astounding $188 billion of which comes from eCommerce sales, according to consulting firm A.T. Kearney. With so many consumers shopping online for beauty products and merchandise, eCommerce brands offering these products need an optimized, cost-effective shipping strategy.

Drop shipping takes the responsibility to ship orders away from retailers and cuts out an additional step in the fulfillment process. Here are a few additional benefits of drop-shipments for online merchants selling beauty products:

  1. Retailers can offer more products. Brands that store items in-house can only advertise the products they have stored in warehouses or storage facilities. With thousands of beauty products available, limited inventory can hurt sales. Online retailers that take advantage of drop shipping can increase the number of beauty product offerings on their eCommerce site, boosting sales.
  2. It’s a more cost-effective solution. New beauty products hit the market constantly. Typical eCommerce practices require online merchants to order products from the manufacturer and store them in an on-site warehouse. Not only is there a cost for ordering and storing the products, but merchandise that doesn’t sell takes up space and affects profits. When retailers don’t have to maintain an inventory of products, it’s easier to experiment with how well certain products sell. If one flops, online merchants aren’t stuck with a large number of unpopular units in storage.
  3. Products reach consumers faster. The typical order fulfillment process is time-consuming. Once an order is received, it’s up to warehouse personnel to find, pack and ship the item – steps which can take up to three days. But drop shipping beauty products speeds up the process, allowing the manufacturers to ship products out to consumers quickly. And let’s face it, customers like fast and convenient.

Dotcom Distribution: Your Trusted 3PL Partner for Drop Shipping Beauty Product

Dotcom Distribution is a proven industry-leader in drop shipping capabilities that give retailers real-time visibility into product order and shipping statuses. Features of our drop shipment services include:

  • Complete Integration – Our systems integrate with those of suppliers to allow for streamlined direct-to-consumer fulfillment.
  • Warehouse Management – We oversee and maintain control of product inventory, which mitigates inventory storage costs for you.

To learn about additional benefits of drop shipping beauty products, contact us today.