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The ABCs of Maintaining Inventory Accuracy

1 year ago
Dotcom Distribution

For eCommerce brands, few mistakes are worse than failing to maintain inventory accuracy. Incorrect and inaccurate inventory levels can lead to issues like:

  • Shipping the wrong items
  • Lost revenue if your eCommerce site does not accurately reflect warehouse stock
  • Unhappy customers who choose to take their business elsewhere

The ABCs of Managing and Maintaining Inventory Accuracy

When customers shop on your eCommerce site, they want to know that the order they place will be filled accurately. That will only happen if you are taking the steps to ensure product inventory levels are properly maintained and managed. There is nothing worse for a customer than going through the entire checkout process, only to learn the item they wanted is actually out of stock.

Do your inventory practices need improvement? Just stick to these basic ABCs for controlling inventory accuracy:

  • Accurate Order Management – Botched and incorrectly filled orders create headaches on the backend. Without effective order management processes, you won’t know how much of a particular product you actually have in stock, which slows down shipping times and leaves customers unhappy. Stay on top of order management to improve order accuracy and maintain proper inventory levels.
  • Built-In, Real-Time Warehouse Reporting – You’ve spent all day filling online orders, and no one has bothered to record end-of-day inventory levels. Next thing you know, you’re scrambling to determine just how much of a particular product you have in stock and ready to ship. Real-time reporting tools make it much easier to fill orders more accurately.
  • Constant Product Visibility – If you are an eCommerce brand that operates in the multichannel space, you need to be sure you’re maintaining inventory accuracy across all sales channels. That means consistently updating your eCommerce site to reflect when products are out of stock, and when customers can expect items to be available again.

Managing inventory may be time-intensive, but it’s crucial to the success of your business. So why not let inventory and fulfillment professionals handle it for you?

Want Guaranteed Inventory Accuracy? Dotcom Distribution Is Here to Help

At Dotcom Distribution, we don’t mess around when it comes to your customers. We leverage a team of skilled warehouse professionals who specialize in fulfillment and logistics processes. Through a careful combination of the latest warehouse technology, meticulous order management and inventory planning, you can sleep better knowing your customers will be completely satisfied.

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