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The ABCs of Effective Apparel Packaging

For online clothing retailers and eCommerce brands, apparel packaging is just as important as the item itself. After all, the package is one of the few visual elements that customers get of an online retail brand. Unique, well-designed packaging is a brand’s chance to make a lasting impression, turning first-time buyers into repeat customers.

The ABCs of Apparel Packaging

Packaging matters for eCommerce retailers and can play a big role in generating consumer excitement and creating a positive perception of a brand. The right design can differentiate an online retailer from thousands of competitors. Even more, exclusive and visually appealing packaging increases the likelihood that a particular brand will resonate in consumers’ minds.

But specialized apparel packaging is not about slapping a company name on tissue paper or boxes. It should be thoughtfully designed, going beyond basic elements and representing the brand.

Still unclear about what impressive packaging includes? Just stick to the ABCs:

  • Appearance – The appearance of packaging is a big part of customer enthusiasm, leading to increased brand loyalty. In a whitepaper published by Dotcom Distribution, “Unwrapping the Customer Experience,” 49 percent of customers admitted that they are excited to open an online order when it’s packaged in an appealing way.
  • Brand – A plain brown box doesn’t do much to convey brand image. Branded packaging elements like tissue paper, tape, bags, and boxes are all important parts of effective packaging.
  • Customization – Sometimes a customized, personal touch can be the factor that sets a brand apart from its competitors. Notes that thank customers for their purchase and offer coupon codes add a touch of customization, encouraging consumers to purchase from the online retailer again.

Combined, these elements result in well-executed packaging that leaves an impression on consumers. Quality packaging also leads to:

  • Increased Brand Perception – In “Unwrapping the Customer Experience,” 61 percent of consumers surveyed (out of 500), said that prime packaging contributes to brands appearing more upscale.
  • Improved Consumer Experience – Customers aren’t just excited to receive items ordered online, they’re excited to open them, too. Forty-nine percent of the consumers surveyed said that well-packaged products increase the level of excitement associated with opening received merchandise.
  • More Product Recommendations – Attractively packaged items are worth sharing. Branded, well-designed packages have resulted in 40 percent of online buyers being more likely to recommend and share products with friends and family.

Apparel Packaging That Makes an Impression

Customized packaging can be expensive, especially if you try to manage it in-house. To achieve the best results and avoid soaring production costs, it’s beneficial to partner with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider that has proven results when it comes to producing top-of-the-line packaging.

Through an innovative combination of the latest industry equipment and robust warehouse managers, your brand’s apparel packaging will stand out in a crowded marketplace.

To learn more about partnering with Dotcom Distribution for custom packaging solutionscontact us today. You can also download our whitepaper, “Unwrapping the Customer Experience,” to read more results of our consumer survey.