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The 3PL Services Guaranteed to Make Your Brand Stand Out

For eCommerce brands and online retailers, settling for second-rate 3PL services can prove damaging in the long run. Instead of blindly picking a logistics provider with a so-so reputation and minimal service offerings, you need a 3PL partner that can truly elevate your brand to the next level.

3 3PL Services Your eCommerce Brand Needs Now

Things like timely eCommerce order fulfillment and shipping are important for your eCommerce brand, but it’s not the full scope of services that you could be receiving. Top-tier 3PL service partners can provide you with even more capabilities to support your growth-minded brand and help you gain an edge on the competition. Here are three 3PL services your eCommerce brand needs today:

  1. Product Photography – A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the pictures that customers see of your products influences their purchasing decisions. Instead of taking on the task yourself, partner with a 3PL provider that can deliver high-quality photographs for your product pages. To get the best photo results, work with a partner that uses the latest digital photo equipment, professional studios, and editing.
  2. Flash Sale Services – Holidays and promotional deals are an excellent opportunity to increase revenue, as long as you have the capacity to scale your order fulfillment to meet the influx or product demand. That’s why you need a 3PL partner that can help you scale order fulfillment during flash sale periods. Whether that means specialized packaging or securing extra space on trucks and cargo holds for shipments, your 3PL partner should be able to streamline and optimize processes for a positive flash sale experience.
  3. International Logistics – Expanding to an international customer base is an enticing opportunity to explore new market opportunities. But selling and shipping items internationally involves much more than domestic orders. With so many factors to consider, it’s best to let your 3PL services provider handle the details. Among the things to look for regarding international logistics, make sure your fulfillment partner uses:
    • A landed cost model, which combines product price, transport fees, customs, duties taxes and international handling fees.
    • Different options for international shipping speeds. Just because your customers are overseas doesn’t mean they should be limited to one shipping option.
    • Guaranteed duties that enable international customers to shop risk-free and avoid incurring fees after ordering from your brand.

Additionally, it’s helpful if your 3PL partner has established international freight contacts. Your shipment will move faster through U.S. customs and be on its way to international customers as soon as possible.

3PL Services You Can Rely On

Dotcom Distribution is your go-to partner for a variety of 3PL services you can’t find with basic fulfillment and logistics providers, which is why we were named a top 3PL from Multichannel Merchant. From excellent product photography to flash sale capabilities and global logistics, Dotcom Distribution is the 3PL partner that will help your eCommerce brand grow to the next level.

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