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Shipping Tips and Tricks for eCommerce Brands

For eCommerce brands and online retailers, shipping is often the most time-consuming and costly aspect of the business. However, researching and brushing up on a few quick eCommerce shipping tips and tricks could be the key to smoother eCommerce fulfillment and shipping processes.

Helpful Shipping Tips for eCommerce and Online Retail Brands

The shopping experience for online consumers offers so much more than the experience that is available in traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Everything from website design to inventory management counts – that includes shipping. Buyers are less likely to continue purchasing from an eCommerce or online retail brand if order fulfillment and shipping are slow and inefficient.

To avoid losing customers, eCommerce brands should keep in mind a few helpful shipping tips:

  • Offer more than one shipping speed. Online shoppers want to buy from retailers that provide more than a single, standard option for shipping. Everything from next-day and same-day delivery to free standard shipping increase brand favorability among consumers. A range of shipping options allows customers to choose the speed that is best aligned with their needs.
  • Accommodate an international market. Once eCommerce brands make the move to start selling products overseas, they have to adopt shipping processes to accommodate international buyers. For the best results, retailers should incorporate all duties, taxes and additional fees into the final shipping price. Think international shipping means only one shipping speed? Think again. Similar to domestic goods, products can be shipped internationally with both standard and express mail options.
  • Keep a careful eye on inventory. Ineffective inventory management can lead to slow shipping times, order inaccuracies and more, which often results in unhappy consumers. To avoid these pitfalls, brands should maintain constant, in-depth and up-to-date visibility into warehouse inventory. Clear and constant inventory insights reduce the chance of shipping mishaps and keep customers happy.
  • Conduct in-depth carrier research. The right carrier is key to keeping your freight management costs reasonable – picking the wrong carrier or bouncing between carriers can cause shipping expenses to go through the roof. Online retailers and eCommerce brands should take the time to conduct careful research to identify the carrier that is most capable of meeting their specific needs. Evaluating things like crate capacity, vessel partnerships and more can help brands make the most cost-effective selection.

Looking for More eCommerce Shipping Tips?

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