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Retail & Wholesale (B2B) Fulfillment

Optimize your supply chain across all channels

Well versed in the unique demands of Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) fulfillment, Dotcom Distribution is fully equipped to deliver on the benefits of enlisting an experienced third-party logistics provider (3PL) for both eCommerce and B2B fulfillment support.

Whether you’re a small online business, emerging brand or larger retail chain, you need cross-channel consistency, speed and efficiency to keep up with the demands of modern eCommerce. Keeping our clients’ customers in mind, we create seamless multichannel and omnichannel experiences for all order sizes and types to maximize satisfaction, efficiencies and ROI.

Retail & Wholesale (B2B) Fulfillment - Dotcom Distribution

Real-time Inventory Management – Accurately monitoring inventory throughout the entire supply chain enables more informed planning and management ok SKU levels.

Sophisticated Order Management Technologies – Robust software platforms provide 360-degree view of orders across all channels, allowing for proper management of consumer and retail partner orders.

Flexibility and Scalability – Being prepared for and adaptable to seasonal demand and other volume spikes helps ensure accurate, efficient fulfillment year-round. Flexible warehouse management systems allow us to customize operations for our clients’ specific needs, maintaining optimal inventory levels without running up unnecessary storage costs.

 Real-Time Reporting – Real-time reporting tools provide constant visibility into inventory, orders, and other essential elements of your multi-channel fulfillment program.

 Flawless Omnichannel Support – Properly managing all available shopping channels used by your customers to create a seamless fulfillment process that elevates the brand experience.

 Seamless Integration – Automated API integration ensures a seamless operation from your online store to the customer’s door.

Retail (B2C) Fulfillment Support:  

  • Accurate picking, packing and shipping of orders that are small in size and large in volume
  • Beating order cut-off deadlines to provide expedited shipping at minimal costs
  • Automated rate shopping to offset costs of free shipping offers
  • High-touch packout expertise to delight customers

Wholesale (B2B) Fulfillment Support:

  • Thorough planning for frequent, large bulk orders to and from physical stores and distribution centers to maximize efficiency
  • Experience-backed decision support to maintain ideal inventory levels
  • Knowledge of rules and regulations to operate in accordance with requirements and best practices, minimizing costly chargebacks
  • International fulfillment support to minimize fees associated with shipping and receiving from overseas

What channels can we help you expand into?

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