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Global Logistics

The beauty of eCommerce is that it puts the world at the fingertips of anyone with an internet connection. For growing brands, this offers incredible reach potential with a global audience, but if your international order fulfillment isn’t managed properly, that potential is difficult to fulfill. Experience, competitive international shipping rates, and a worldwide network of fulfillment centers are some of the core reasons why so many brands partner with 3PLs for global eCommerce fulfillment.

Dotcom keeps track of government regulations, customs and compliance changes, and all other variables that factor into global supply chain logistics to ensure our clients are incurring the correct import duties, tariffs, and more. In short, your dedicated Dotcom team is here to minimize risks and costs associated with your worldwide eCommerce logistics strategy and implementation.

Global Logistics Services - Dotcom Distribution

Our clients have access to a network of experienced supply chain experts ready to assist with all international freight movement including International Air Transport Association (IATA), licensed airfreight forwarding, and Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) licensed Ocean Transport. Through close, enduring working relationships with licensed customs brokers and air and sea carriers, Dotcom is able to service our clients with a complete range of international supply chain management and logistics solutions including:

Global Freight Forwarding and Documentation

  • International import and export coordination
  • Cargo transport insurance
  • Air, sea, and surface transportation
  • Consolidation and deconsolidation
  • Consular documentation and legalization
  • Letter of credit preparation and presentation services

Customs Brokerage

Working with your own broker, or with our established national network, we ensure that every shipment meets all regulatory agency compliance requirements, and moves quickly and easily through U.S. customs to reach its final destination. Customs services include:

  • Compliance management & consulting
  • Coordination of all required international documentation
  • Online customs filing and management
  • Specialized compliance services and consulting
  • Preclearance
  • Securing Import Surety Bonds
  • Remote Location Filing (RLF)

Scale Your Business with Global Logistics

Ready to find out how Dotcom Distribution’s global logistics services can help you scale your business?

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