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eCommerce Fulfillment Services

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eCommerce Order Fulfillment Process

As a trusted 3PL, Dotcom’s fulfillment solutions and services are designed to support our clientele with flexibility and scalability, allowing growing brands to reach new heights with no

drop-off in performance. With unparalleled experience in eCommerce fulfillment and logistics, Dotcom Distribution provides the support and expertise e-commerce and retail brands need to excite customers, expand brand recognition, and increase revenue and retention.

Dotcom’s ideally located fulfillment centers are equipped with the latest technologies to help provide quality services for rapidly growing eCommerce brands who need to meet evolving online shopping expectations throughout the entire consumer interaction. With Dotcom’s support, online merchants can enhance fulfillment efficiency, enable faster order turnaround, and optimize storage and shipping costs to improve customer satisfaction and bottom lines.

Inventory Management

Properly managing and monitoring inventory levels helps enhance order fulfillment accuracy, improve planning and restocking operations, maximize overall efficiency, increase cash flow, and bolster customer satisfaction.

Dotcom’s state-of-the-art fulfillment centers, including our 400,000 square foot headquarters, enable real-time inventory analysis, allowing online brands to generate precise reports on SKU levels for seamless omnichannel management and accurate forecasting.

Our fulfillment centers are managed by experienced warehousing professionals who know what’s required to anticipate demand and plan accordingly. Along with real-time inventory reports enabled by next-generation technology, Dotcom’s experts are equipped to guide and support growing brands as they expand into new markets, adapt to order volume shifts, and hustle to meet evolving consumer expectations.

eCommerce Order Fulfillment Services

Order Picking and Packing

One of the easiest ways to satisfy customers is to make sure their orders arrive on time and complete. That’s why it’s so important to work with a team with a proven track record of making that happen. Spoiler alert: that’s us! Dotcom’s team of qualified professionals provide unmatched expertise when picking and packing online purchases to ensure that all orders arrive on time and in full. Exceptional project management allows us to consistently execute service level agreements (SLAs) and meet the industry-standard 99.99% order accuracy needed to keep customers happy regardless of order volumes.

Our flexibility, agility, and industry expertise allow us to scale and adapt with demand. This skill set allows us to help our clients navigate that exciting “hockey stick” growth while ensure spikes in demand are fulfilled without error, thus helping growing brands convert first-time buyers into repeat customers.

Custom Branded Packaging

Creating a personal, branded experience is crucial for engaging with online shoppers. From specialty kitting, to packaging design, inserts, and personalized notes, we do it all. Dotcom’s experienced team and innovative fulfillment center allow us to meet any brand’s high-touch eCommerce packaging needs.

Using the latest technologies, we’re also able to ensure that custom branded packaging does not reduce efficiencies. Shrink-wrapping, banding, clamshells, auto-bagging, retail sales packaging, gift boxing, custom cartons, barcoding & serialization, refurbishment, special projects—the list goes on—but at the end of the day, our build-to-order eCommerce fulfillment services are designed to meet the needs of modern, fast-growth brands.

Returns Management/Reverse Logistics

The customer interaction does not end once products are delivered. And in many cases, a returned order does not mean the end of a relationship. With the expertise of an established 3PL, brands can rely on seamless return management strategies to ensure that returns are efficiently processed, scanned and restocked appropriately, and any replacements are issued quickly. This inventory data is available in real time through Dotcom’s reporting platform, facilitating fully accurate analysis of merchandise status.

Our warehouse teams keep return shipments well organized to keep labor and storage costs down without sacrificing productivity. Damaged and defective products are properly sorted to ensure continued customer satisfaction. With most online shoppers stipulating a sound return policy before placing an order, having a trusted fulfillment partner handle reverse logistics safeguards this increasingly crucial step in the process.

By partnering with Dotcom, you can rest easy knowing that your eCommerce fulfillment operations are in the hands of trusted professionals who know the ropes. We develop strategies that support our brand partners’ unique needs, based on four key pillars:

  • Brand Image – Make a positive first impressions with quality packaging and fast shipping, impressing first-time buyers as your brand expands into new markets.
  • Reputation – Build trust with customers by consistently providing memorable experiences and quality service to enhance retention and customer lifetime value.
  • Agility – Have confidence that your business will be able to capitalize on growth and stay efficient in times of high demand. Strategies are altered and developed to respond to changes in sales volumes to better adapt to growth.
  • Decision Support – Your team can always access real-time data regarding your business through Dotcom’s web-based reporting platform. This paired with our experienced management team helps your brand decipher the information and forecast to maximize sales growth.

How Dotcom clients realize efficiencies and savings through our eCommerce fulfillment services:

  • Impeccable order and inventory accuracy
  • Real-time reporting on inventory position, purchase orders, and status of shipped and returned orders
  • Expertise in high-touch, personalized order packaging that delivers on customer experience expectations
  • Proficiency in adopting specific protocols to ensure consistency and compliance
  • Dedicated team fully educated on your business, products, and customers
  • Facilities, staff, and systems designed to scale for peak volumes, seasonal upticks, unexpected surges, and long-term growth 


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