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Drop Shipping for Your eCommerce Brand

Ship your eCommerce brand’s products directly to your customers with Dotcom Distribution’s drop shipping programs. When utilizing drop shipping, you eliminate the need for in-house inventory management and order fulfillment. We take care of the packing and shipment of products for you.

Reduce Costs & Expand into New Channels

Equip your brand with the right distribution partner. We utilize a state-of-the-art fulfillment center and distribution network so you can minimize risk and cost while offering convenience for your brand and improved experiences for your customers. Gain access to new distribution channels, markets, and better shipping rates.

As a leader in eCommerce logistics and fulfillment, we provide your brand with the visibility, tools, network, and fulfillment experience necessary to grow your brand awareness, lower costs, improve sales, and delight more of your customers.

Remain in Control of the Fulfillment Process

Drop ShippingDotcom Distribution offers proven drop shipping services and capabilities that allow you and your eCommerce business to remain firmly in control of the fulfillment process.

When you partner with Dotcom for your shipping needs, you get an experienced and dedicated logistics team that learns to understand your brand and fulfillment goals.

Real-Time Order & Shipping Visibility

Featuring real-time visibility of orders and shipping status, our 3PL services provide all of the benefits you are supposed to achieve from drop ship fulfillment, without any of the risks or concerns that typically plague drop shipping logistics.

Empower Your Brand with Leading Drop Shipping Capabilities:

  • Full Integration: Dotcom’s systems integrate with suppliers to enable direct-to-customer fulfillment utilizing multiple formats from EDI to spreadsheets. In addition, our ability to customize drop shipment packing slips and labels make Dotcom appear invisible to the end user.
  • Inventory Management: It is easier to maintain control of inventory with fewer sources, and inventory holding costs go down with less safety stock accumulated across the network.
  • Freight Savings: Consolidation of shipment origination points should result in larger discounts for those partners.

Scale Your Brand with a Trusted Drop Shipping Partner

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What can we drop ship for you?

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