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Order Management: The Key to Multi-Channel Growth

For online retailers, order management is more than just another operational detail – it’s a key driver of success. Why? Because The high expectations of today’s consumers and the increasing complexity of the multi-channel marketplace are creating new challenges for both experienced and emerging eCommerce brands.

And the way leading brands are meeting those challenges is by partnering with logistics and fulfillment providers that understand how advanced order management software can improve the supply chain and directly benefit customers.

How Order Management Technology Benefits Online Retailers

All online retailers use technology to receive and manage customer orders. But for rapidly growing brands, basic eCommerce platforms can’t provide the level of sophistication and detail that it takes to manage orders across multiple locations and channels.

At Dotcom Distribution, we specialize in helping multi-channel commerce companies navigate steep growth curves. As an industry leader in the third-party logistics and fulfillment space, we’ve learned that the right order management software and order fulfillment systems create several important benefits for online retailers.

Benefits of Order Management Software and Fulfillment Systems for Online Retailers:

  1. More Efficient Order Processing: Advanced solutions improve the efficiency of order processing by automating and centralizing workflows. Instead of being forced to rely on multiple, disparate solutions for various processing tasks, third-party logistics and fulfillment providers can leverage technology to effectively manage orders from a single location. The payoff is that order fulfillment routines become much more efficient and cost-effective, allowing online retailers to process a large volume of orders in a shorter period of time.
  2. Improved Order Accuracy: High error rates simply aren’t acceptable in today’s multi-channel retail environment. More than ever, online shoppers expect to receive the products they ordered on time and in perfect condition. Proven order management solutions help fulfillment experts maintain exceptionally high accuracy rates, even during peak sales periods when pick and pack lines are pushed to their limits.
  3. Single View of Inventory: Inventory visibility has to be a top priority for any retailer that operates across multiple channels. The best order management systems allow retailers and fulfillment providers to maintain a single, real-time view of inventory, notifying customers about out of stock items and ensuring that customers have the same view of available inventory as the warehouse – across all channels.
  4. Channel Expansion Opportunities: Anemic order management capabilities are a barrier to channel expansion. If the brand is struggling to process the orders received through existing channels, the addition of new channels is out of the question. Robust order management software and the assistance of a qualified third-party fulfillment provider gives eCommerce brands the confidence they need to take advantage of new channel opportunities.

Optimize Order Management Processes with Dotcom Distribution

In today’s multi-channel retail space, your brand can’t succeed without optimized order fulfillment systems and workflows. At Dotcom Distribution, we’re a leader in helping online retailers optimize order management processes and technologies for business growth.

For more information about how Dotcom Distribution’s multi-channel fulfillment capabilities and order management solutions can benefit your business, contact us today.