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Necessary Elements for a Strong Returns Management Solution

As an online retailer, product returns are an unavoidable reality. That’s why an organized returns management solution is necessary for your brand to effectively manage returned merchandise. Maintaining a returns process that is cost-effective and doesn’t slow down back-end processes is important to your brand’s business.

3 Elements of Effective Returns Management

Reverse logistics and returns can be expensive if they aren’t managed effectively. The fact of the matter is that customers are always going to return products for any number of reasons. So, to avoid unnecessary operating costs and warehouse inefficiencies, consider three important elements of effective returns management:

  1. Automation – Manual returns processes are slow and labor intensive for warehouse personnel. Taking advantage of warehouse technology and tools that automate returns will reduce the amount of time it takes to physically scan, restock and process returned items. When returns are accepted faster, you’re able to process funds back to your customers in a quicker fashion.
  2. Reporting – It’s helpful to capture return information early in the returns cycle. Consider leveraging a web-based reporting platform that maintains real-time, accurate insights and information regarding merchandise status. This helps to maintain constant visibility into your processes and keeps you informed about the status and location of returned items.
  3. Separation – To avoid confusion, mix-ups and the distribution of damaged or used products, it’s important to separate the returns in your facility from forward distribution goods. Additionally, you should segregate returns, separating those that were returned for defects and need to be replaced from those that can be restocked because the customer simply changed his mind.

Return shipments that are organized and well-managed can help keep operational and labor costs down while keeping warehouse productivity up. In addition, effective returns management can play a role in improving business throughput.

Easy Returns Management with Dotcom Distribution

Dotcom Distribution is an industry-leading third-party logistics (3PL) and eCommerce fulfillment provider. Our strategically located warehouse facilities are designed to handle customer returns with ease and accuracy. Using the right combination of personnel and technology, we ensure seamless management of returns and reverse logistics.

To learn more about how Dotcom Distribution can help your eCommerce or online retail brand achieve better returns management with our returns management solutions, contact us today.

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