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Is Custom Packaging Helping or Hurting Your Business?

You’ve done it!

You’ve created a product and customers are starting to flock toward you steadily like millennials to a cold brew kiosk.

Your sales are steadily increasing and now you have the revenue to invest in some fabulous packaging that’s going to wow your customers and set you apart.

It can be tempting to buy all the things – especially when you want to stand out.

Sure, no one else has thought of delivering a box with a genuine rainbow unicorn horn protruding in 3D, but there’s a reason for that.

When it comes to your packaging, even the tiniest details can make your customers have a wonderfully fulfilling experience…. or make them roll their eyes and cancel their next order.

Before you get lost in the infinite world of custom packaging options available today, here are some business- and brand-friendly tips to keep you on track.

Keep Your Brand Values in Mind

Rather than diving right into custom packaging Pinterest boards, start by thinking about your brand. What does your company stand for? What is your company’s personality like?

Imagine your brand as a person. Is your brand a male or female? What clothes is he/she wearing? If he/she were holding up a sign next to a freeway on-ramp, what would it say?

Nowadays, many companies claim to be going green, doing their part for the environment, and trying to help cut back on their carbon footprint. Yet, when they send out a package to a customer, it comes with polystyrene foam, oodles of tissue, three packing slips, a few promo cards, and eventually the product the customer ordered.

Guess where all that fluff is going to go?

Yep. The landfill.

Not such an eco-conscious packaging strategy.

If yours is a company that embodies luxury and the finer things in life, you may want to opt for minimalist design (read: no packing peanuts) and a clean touch. Rather than spending money on fillers, find a tidy box that fits your product just right and has a nice caliper (aka, weight or thickness).

On the other hand, if you’re a brand that’s all about bringing customers natural, non-GMO’d, non-toxic products, you may want to opt for light-weight products made from recycled materials.

Stay true to your brand in every iteration of it – from your website to your products to your packaging – and your customers will enjoy a more enriching experience with your product.

Be Valuable to Your Customer & Your Budget

Have you ever received a package that comes with way too many inserts, fliers, coupon codes, and promos of all shapes and sizes?

While some companies struggle to limit their streams of marketing ideas, we encourage you to choose quality over quantity.

Rather than sending your customer 4 inserts with different promos or brand messaging on them, focus more on creating a powerful customer experience that excites and surprises your customer.

Promo cards and inserts are usually looked at once and thrown away. More importantly, they’re just extra layers your customer has to dig through before getting to your product.

Instead, consider purchasing custom packaging with a promo or call to action in the bottom of the box. Your customer will see it once he or she has lifted out the product and your message will be received at the peak of joy, which is much more likely to inspire action.

Be Product-Focused

By now you might be thinking of a few brilliant packaging ideas that are true to your brand, impressive, and valuable. So we’d like to leave you with one more tip: don’t distract your customer from the product.

Your customer just spent his or her hard-earned dollars on your incredible product. They waited for the product to arrive and they carried it into their home carefully while the excitement built.

They’ve been waiting for your product. So the last thing you want to do is leave them in suspense while they open a box within a box, unwrap some paper, pull off a sticker, untie a bow, push aside the tissue paper, to finally get to the goods.

All that fluff just takes away from the brilliant product you’ve worked so hard to create.

Instead, envision your customer opening the box as if a white light is going to illuminate the box as they lift the product up. Your packaging is meant to present the product, not detract from it.

If you need help figuring out what custom packaging options are right for your brand, let us know. At Dotcom Distribution, our specialty is helping companies grow beyond their wildest dreams. That starts with dreaming up the perfect packaging that matches your brand and conveys the right message to your customer.