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How Warehouse Technologies Can Improve Receiving Productivity

Warehouse technologies can make the difference for eCommerce brands and online retailers researching new ways to improve receiving productivity. In the past, receiving shipments has been a physical process, requiring warehouse personnel to transport shipments into the storage facility, open boxes, check items, and then move products to their designated spaces.

Automated warehouse software eliminates multiple steps, streamlining the receiving process and improving warehouse productivity.

The Advantages of Using Technology to Improve Receiving Productivity

To maintain inventory levels, online retailers and eCommerce brands that use in-house or third-party storage facilities constantly order products from manufacturers. However, with several deliveries to handle and vendor relationships to maintain, manual receiving can become an unorganized, inefficient process that results in inaccurate inventory reports.

Merchants that want to achieve an optimized 3PL receiving strategy, and ultimately seamless eCommerce order fulfillment, should consider partnering with a robust third-party logistics (3PL) provider that leverages innovative warehouse technologies. Moving away from antiquated processes and taking advantage of software enables eCommerce brands to steadily improve receiving productivity.

Additional Advantages of Using Technology to Improve Warehouse Processes:

Technology is time-efficient – It’s not uncommon for items that are received in a warehouse to be handled by multiple workers. But constantly handing-off shipments only increases the amount of time it takes to reach its final destination within the warehouse. Advanced receiving technology allows a single worker to scan and check-in a shipment. From there, it can immediately be moved to its designated spot.

Technology is cost-effective – The involvement of multiple warehouse workers in the receiving process is unnecessary and increases operating costs. When online merchants partner with a 3PL provider that uses warehouse technology, they’re taking the steps toward a more cost-effective, back-end logistics strategy. The presence of technology reduces the need for more than one or two warehouse personnel to be present during the time of shipment receiving, enabling managers to reassign workers based on current needs.

Technology is accurate – Manual receiving is not only an outdated method, but it also runs a higher risk of inaccuracy. This is especially true when shipments are handled by several different people in the warehouse. One of the most effective ways technology can improve receiving productivity is by delivering higher rates of inventory accuracy. When shipments are automatically scanned and entered into a system, a log keeps track of where items are stored in the warehouse. There’s no more thumbing through paper records.

Logistics providers that make use of warehouse technologies help online retailers and eCommerce brands streamline warehouse management, which in the long term can lead to improved eCommerce order fulfillment, faster shipping, and happier customers.

Ready to Improve Receiving Productivity? Dotcom Distribution Can Help

At Dotcom Distribution, we work tirelessly to develop strategies that improve warehouse productivity. By leveraging the ideal balance of innovative technology and effective warehouse personnel, we’ve helped some of the most well-known, large-scale retail brands achieve optimized receiving procedures.

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