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How to Strategically Manage Multichannel Fulfillment

Managing Multichannel FulfillmentMultichannel fulfillment does more than help retailers and online brands expand into new channels – it also enables optimized supply chain performance. Integrating brick-and-mortar stores with your online channels opens up new sales pipes, driving brand profits and customer satisfaction.

The ability to leverage multiple sales channels is a key factor in staying ahead of competitors, which is why partnering with an experienced fulfillment provider should be the first step in your omnichannel fulfillment strategy.

Best Practices in Strategic Multichannel Fulfillment

When it comes to multichannel distribution services, it’s easy to become unorganized and inefficient if your processes aren’t managed correctly. Unfortunately, when your fulfillment processes aren’t properly managed, you risk inaccurate orders, slow shipping speeds and ultimately, unhappy customers.

To avoid these missteps, your multichannel fulfillment partner should comply with best practices to provide a streamlined, single-source fulfillment solution guaranteed to optimize your supply chain.

Fulfillment Best Practices for Your Supply Chain:

Calculated Inventory Management. Accurate planning and management of inventory help keep cross-channel fulfillment processes in sync. Your distribution partner should maintain constant visibility into product numbers and keep order accuracy rates high.

Optimized Shipping Speeds. Shipping speeds play a big role when consumers order merchandise online. Consumers want quick, convenient options. To keep up with consumer expectations, partner with a fulfillment provider that can dispatch orders with delivery times of 1-3 days via ground service. Same-day shipping should also be available.

Detailed Performance Metrics. No eCommerce distribution strategy is perfect from the get-go. When you implement a multichannel eCommerce fulfillment strategy, it’s helpful to have insightful, granular statistics presented in real-time so you can identify areas that need improvement and adjust accordingly.

Adapted Seasonal Fulfillment. When the holiday season and promotional periods roll around, you’ll likely face an influx of orders across several channels. To keep up, your fulfillment partner should have the tools to scale order processes, at least up to 30 times that of your typical order volume, to meet the high demand.

Speed, efficiency and cross-channel consistency all count when it comes to a robust multichannel support strategy. An experienced, well-versed omnichannel fulfillment partner can help you achieve these goals by developing a plan that aligns with your brand’s individual needs.

Dotcom Distribution: Your One-Source Solution for Multichannel Fulfillment

At Dotcom Distribution, we specialize in top-tier multichannel distribution and fulfillment solutions. By leveraging the perfect combination of warehouse personnel and innovative technology, we customize our approach to meet the unique requirements of your brand.

To learn more about how partnering with Dotcom Distribution can benefit you multichannel fulfillment strategy, contact us today.

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