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How to Revamp Your Omnichannel Strategy

1 year ago
Dotcom Distribution

A comprehensive omni-channel strategy is not just a trend – it’s a necessity. Customers expect to shop wherever and however they want, whether on their phones, computers or tablets. For a brand to thrive in today’s marketplace, it must have a robust omni-channel strategy in place that supports every step of the customer’s journey.

The 3 P’s of a Strong Omni-Channel Strategy

The days of store-to-store and channel-to-channel competition are over. Now, customers are interacting with multiple sales channels before they purchase products. With this in mind, you need to rethink your omni-channel strategy to provide a seamless customer experience along each touchpoint.

People – Omni-channel transformation begins with your team. Employees must strive for common goals that eliminate cross-channel competition and support the bigger picture. To start, consider hiring a VP of omni-channel development who can lead your omni-channel strategy. Educate employees on the importance of omni-channel cohesion and train them to master technology across all platforms. Ensure that your sales workforce understands every step the customer takes when interacting with your brand.

Process – Customers want consistent, simple interactions, no matter which sales channel they use to purchase items. This means streamlining processes to support your omni-channel strategy. Get rid of old processes that enforced barriers across sales channels and focus on making things easier for your customers. Keep key features consistent. Shoppers should be able to start a transaction on laptops and end it seamlessly on their mobile devices. If you have a loyalty program, allow shoppers to earn and redeem points across channels.

Platforms – A successful omni-channel strategy relies on your back-end platform. A Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) or Order Management System (OMS) that can integrate information about inventory, customer data and orders is crucial for a positive customer experience across multiple sales channels. The right omni-channel platform will not only make things easier for shoppers, it will also allow you to gain personalized, valuable insight about your customers and their preferences. You’ll know exactly what they are purchasing, regardless of where they do it.

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