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How to Master Omnichannel Retail

In today’s omnichannel retail environment, customers are used to instant access to brands, no matter what sales channel they use. To provide shoppers with the ease and convenience they expect, your brand needs to ensure that back-end omnichannel operations are optimized.

4 Steps That Will Improve Your Omni-Channel Retail Strategy

How to Master Omnichannel RetailShoppers want simple, consistent interactions with your brand, regardless of the sales channel. To achieve this goal, your omnichannel retail strategy needs to maximize efficiency by eliminating operational silos, ultimately improving the customer experience.

  1. Implement a multi-point inventory management system. The success of any omnichannel retail strategy hinges on seamless fulfillment operations. Your brand needs an effective order management system that unifies inventory pools across all sales channels and aggregates orders for optimized delivery. This prevents fulfillment blunders and speeds deliveries to customers.
  2. Gain a 360° view of your customers. With a wealth of customer information available across channels, you’re wasting valuable insights if you aren’t improving your understanding of every customer at every touchpoint. An omnichannel retail strategy depends on a 360° customer view that integrates knowledge across channels. Use a system that records each customer interaction with your brand, whether on a website, mobile app or with a sales associate. This paints a more accurate picture of customer behavior, allowing you to understand exactly what shoppers want so you can provide them with a customized shopping experience.
  3. Optimize online platforms for intuitive customer interactions. Your brand’s website and apps need to be streamlined for laptop, tablet and smartphone users. To keep customers engaged through checkout, use a responsive design that eliminates excessive scrolling and resizing on small tablets and smartphones. Simplify transactions and avoid long forms that frustrate impatient customers, and ensure your website loads quickly. The shorter the path to purchase, the better for both you and your customers.
  4. Unify marketing efforts across channels. Use your omnichannel retail strategy as an opportunity to engage customers in creative ways across multiple sales channels. For example, many brands remind customers with abandoned online carts to finish purchases on their smartphones. Others offer discount codes in-store to customers who have downloaded mobile apps. By directing customers across your brand’s sales channels, you’ll increase the likelihood that they will purchase your products when the time is right.

Dotcom Distribution’s Omni-Channel Retail Logistics Services

Efficient and reliable fulfillment operations are the backbone of any omnichannel retail strategy. If you’re looking for a logistics provider for your growing eCommerce brand, you’ve come to the right place.

Dotcom Distribution has perfected a streamlined approach that helps growing online brands deliver on high customer expectations.

Partnering with Dotcom Distribution means:

  • Seamless fulfillment execution
  • Real-time reporting and detailed performance metrics
  • 360° order management
  • Membership and subscription services

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