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It Ain’t Easy Being Green: How to Make Your eCommerce Brand Packaging More Eco-Friendly

Is your target market part of the 61 percent? According to a recent Dotcom survey, 61 percent of consumers have considered green packaging when deciding where to shop, and 57 percent of shoppers said that green packaging is important. Green packaging is no longer only for the tree-huggers– and as environmentally-conscious consumers continue to grow in numbers, brands failing to adapt will be left empty-handed.

But, changing your operations isn’t easy. How can your brand adopt sustainable packaging practices without breaking your budget? Our experts at Dotcom have a few tips that emerging businesses should take note of:

Adopting Sustainable Packaging Practices

How to Make Your eCommerce Brand Packaging More Eco-Friendly

  1. Don’t use oversized boxes
    What materials are you already using? Are they eco-friendly? Ditch the plain cardboard boxes, because even those are not necessarily the greenest option. Compare the amount of product to the volume of the boxes you’re using — carelessly packaged products waste precious box space, and consumers will notice. Plus, dimensional pricing will make a serious dent in your budget.
  2. Stop using the wrong materials 
    Many marketers and operations teams avoid green packaging because they think it looks less appealing all at a higher cost. Wrong! Soy-based ink is a sustainable option that comes in a rainbow of colors, sprucing up plain boxes without leaving a mark on mother nature. Plastic packaging is another option, because it can be recycled or reused.
  3. Think about the big picture
    Make sure your entire supply chain is in sync with your environmental goals. Are your partner’s delivery practices green? A gas-guzzling delivery truck could offset your sustainable packaging efforts. Everything from your packaging, vendors and shipping partners affect your overall environmental impact. Educate your customers when necessary and anticipate their ideas about what’s “green” and what’s not, so your efforts don’t get ignored.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Winning over eco-conscious consumers takes research and thoughtfulness, but helping the environment will benefit your brand in the long run. Adapting your logistics practices will make a positive impact the Earth, and on your bottom line, too.

To download more tips for developing eco-friendly packaging, download our tip sheet.

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