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How To Make Customers Fall in Love with Your Brand in 2018

While most eCommerce customers expect their orders to arrive in a plain brown box, there is evidence showing that premiumbranded packaging can still build meaningful customer relationships. If you’re looking for ways to make shoppers fall in love with your brand, you should focus on improving the in-home brand experience.

How Unboxing Affects the Brain

As explained in our 2015 white paper, opening a gift has the same neurological effects as eating chocolate, listening to music and falling in love—the brain notices elevated levels of dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. The increases in these neurochemicals create a memorable, pleasurable encounter that will make consumers more likely to repeat the act (i.e., make another purchase from the brand) to generate the same feelings and share the excitement with friends and strangers.

What’s this mean for your brand? If you make your unboxing experience feel more like giving or receiving a gift, you can elicit the same positive and addictive response. Furthermore, by considering the sounds the ribbon and tissue paper make as the box is opened, the feel of the material’s texture and even the aroma of scented elements, you can transform what was once considered a mundane act to become a pleasurable brand experience.

Are You Capitalizing On Unboxing Videos?

Some of the most popular YouTube videos feature someone opening a package to reveal a product, with many including a brief review of said product. The most-watched unboxing videos have hundreds of millions of views.

What’s so appealing about watching a stranger open a product?

Well, neuroscience experts attribute this phenomenon to mirror neurons. These special brain cells are activated not only when we perform tasks, but also when we watch someone else do them.

So, the existence of mirror neurons can explain why people are so drawn to unboxing videos, as these viewers are subconsciously unboxing the products in their own minds.

So, how do brands take advantage of this trend?

Deliver a unique package that compels the recipient to share their own unboxing process.

While the increase in oxytocin will encourage people to share the encounter, the video-makers will be most interested in sharing unboxing experiences that are truly attractive and exciting.

In addition to the exposure via third-party reviews to multitudes of followers, unboxing videos can subconsciously influence viewers to buy products unboxed by their favorite personalities to achieve the excitement and anticipation first-hand. The attraction, however, isn’t all mind games. These unboxers become trusted advocates to their fans.  When a prominent YouTuber praises a product, followers are likely to take the unboxer’s word for it rather than thinking of it as a paid promotion.

eCommerce brands should view the unboxing process as an opportunity to reach new customers via this modern digital way of life.

Because the effects of elevated oxytocin levels only last while the chemical is present, brands should encourage customers to share their encounters immediately, to capture them while they are still under the effects of the neurochemicals.

Custom Branded Packaging

Using premier branded packaging can help emerging brands like yours reach new customers to establish themselves as trusted sellers offering quality products. By using experiences to elicit the same emotions experienced when falling in love, brands can secure lifelong customers while potentially increasing the likelihood of creating loyal advocates who will sing their praises to friends and followers.

With this in mind, eCommerce brands should direct their focus to bringing not just their products, but their brand experience into customers’ homes.

Understanding this necessity, Dotcom has the capability and expertise in creating brand experiences to help you generate excitement around your brand and your products.

Check out our white paper on the benefits of custom retail packaging and unboxing videos!

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