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How to Grow Your Business Through Multi-Channel Fulfillment

How to Grow Your Business Through Multi-Channel FulfillmentLooking for a multi-channel logistics and fulfillment partner with an order management system that shares your company’s commitment to your customers? If not, you should be. These days, the most trusted eCommerce fulfillment partners offer order fulfillment strategies and OMS technology designed for the stringent demands of a constantly evolving consumer marketplace.

Why Your Logistic Firm’s Order Management System Matters

It’s tempting to think that all e-commerce fulfillment providers offer the same basic services and capabilities. But in reality, some fulfillment providers lack the processes and technological sophistication to keep pace with the habits and preferences of multi-channel shoppers.

Whether you know it or not, your nightmare scenario is entrusting your brand’s order management requirements to a fulfillment partner with a weak OMS. By the time you discover that your partner’s technology isn’t up to the task, it will be too late – process disruptions, bungled orders, and poor communication will have damaged your brand’s reputation with customers.

How to Evaluate Your Multi-Channel Fulfillment Partner’s OMS

As a growth-minded eCommerce brand, you know that your company’s future is tied to the performance of your logistics and fulfillment partner. And since your fulfillment partner’s performance is directly impacted by the quality of its order management system, it’s critical to understand the capabilities of your partner’s OMS and how it impacts your ability to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Although there is no single OMS vendor that’s right for every fulfillment provider, there are several characteristics to look for when evaluating the OMS your fulfillment partner relies on to meet your customers’ needs and requirements.

  • Multi-Channel Capabilities – Your business operates in a multi-channel world. Consequently, your partner’s order management technology needs to feature robust, multi-channel capabilities and provide a single view of orders received across a range of online and offline channels.
  • 360-Degree Visibility – Anything short of total order visibility simply isn’t good enough for today’s online marketplace. From the time the consumer places an order to the moment it arrives on her doorstep, your partner’s OMS should provide total visibility to your customers and the status of their orders.
  • Inventory Management – The best order management technologies are built to improve inventory management, equipping your organization with real-time visibility to inventory across all channels. By accurately monitoring and managing inventory, you can mitigate the risk of out-of-stock items and maintain the integrity of your brand’s multi-channel supply chain.
  • Scalability – It’s important to know that your eCommerce activities are supported by an order management solution that can scale to your organization’s changing needs. As your business grows, your partner’s order management system has to seamlessly adapt to increased order volumes and other requirements.
  • Customer Focus – At the end of the day, order management technology should reinforce and strengthen relationships with consumers. If your fulfillment partner’s system lacks a clear customer focus, it could be a sign that the quality of your customer experience and your ability to build a loyal customer base are in jeopardy.

You Can’t Afford to Roll the Dice on a Weak Order Management System

At Dotcom Distribution, we understand how important order management is to your brand’s success. Our fulfillment solutions feature sophisticated OMS technology, multi-channel interfaces, and other tools that significantly improve the quality of your customer experience.

Ready to take the next step? For more information about Dotcom Distribution’s order management system and our industry-leading order fulfillment strategies, contact us today.

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