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How to Evaluate International Freight Forwarders

1 year ago
Dotcom Distribution

As an online retailer, you’ve likely considered offering products internationally to expand your customer base. Finding international freight forwarders that can provide a wide array of freight and shipping options to partner with is a key step in taking your product overseas.

But what qualities do you need to look for in a distribution partner that can handle international services?

What to Look for From International Freight Forwarders

Finding a third-party logistics provider that is experienced in international freight management can be challenging. There are several factors to take into consideration, including shipping services, transportation fee, customs and more. But international service doesn’t have to mean higher costs for you or your customers.

Experienced and knowledgeable international freight forwarders will help you work with top carriers, without incurring exorbitant shipping and freight costs. Keep an eye out for these key characteristics from international freight forwarders:

  • A Landed Cost Model – The landed cost of a product combines the original price, transportation fees, customs, duties, taxes, crating and handling fees for internationally shipped products. Leveraging a landed cost model can help avoid any unforeseen custom or tax expenses. Since all costs are presented upfront, international customers aren’t hit with unexpected expenses later in the process.
  • Options for International Shipping Speeds – Just because orders are being shipped internationally doesn’t mean there should be only one shipping option. A robust international freight provider can present your customers with different shipping options and speeds. Depending on how quickly they want to receive their order, customers can choose from standard or rush shipping.
  • Guaranteed Duties – One of the many reasons customers might be hesitant to buy from an international shipper is the duty fees they may incur by ordering a product overseas. An international freight forwarder should incorporate those duties into the final shipping cost so consumers can shop risk free – without any surprises before packages arrive.

Dotcom Distribution: The First Name in International Freight Forwarders for eCommerce

Dotcom Distribution is a leader in online retail and eCommerce fulfillment logistics, both domestically and internationally. Our global freight management services enable our clients to serve a wide range of customers, while keeping operational costs down.

We’ve established international networks that ensure your freight will move quickly through U.S. customs to its overseas destination. We leverage relationships with top carriers with international service such as UPS Mail Innovations and DHS Global Mail, and handle all necessary documentation.

Contact us to learn more about why Dotcom Distribution is the top choice in international freight forwarders for online brands.