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Quality customer service means providing the best experience for shoppers along every one of your brand’s touchpoints. A consistent, streamlined omni-channel customer experience that boosts satisfaction and trust in your brand will always keep shoppers coming back for more.

4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Brand’s Omni-Channel Customer Experience

Your brand’s sales channels should be cohesive elements of a broader strategy. If not, you risk alienating customers who interact with your brand on more than one platform. Even minor details make a world of difference when it comes to the omni-channel experience, so make sure you’re not overlooking these four simple ways to ensure your brand’s omni-channel customer experience is optimized.

  1. Offer the same promotions across channels. A consistent sales promotion strategy is essential for a positive omni-channel customer experience. Having one in place ensures that sales remain exciting for customers rather than confusing or even distressing. Nothing is more frustrating for a customer than being unable to redeem an online discount code in store, or vice versa. If you keep promotions consistent, you give on-the-fence shoppers more opportunities to purchase the products they initially passed over.
  2. Implement a clean, responsive design for mobile platforms. Whether they’ve downloaded the app or are using a mobile browser, a simple and responsive design is necessary to keep customers from abandoning carts. Eliminate the need for excessive scrolling, panning or resizing on mobile platforms. Your website and app should also be optimized for both iOS and Android devices. The easier and faster shoppers can reach a product on their phones, the more likely they are to complete purchases.
  3. Provide shoppers with a real-time snapshot of inventory. You need a clear picture of your inventory across channels, and so does your customer. If a product is out of stock online, shoppers are more likely to go to a physical location where they know the item is stocked. For the best omni-channel customer experience, your online platforms should list exactly where shoppers can purchase the items they need. It’s a service to your customers, and it helps you make more sales that would otherwise be lost.
  4. Keep omni-channel features consistent. A customer might start a transaction on the computer and end it on the mobile devices. Therefore, all features should remain consistent across platforms. Shoppers should be able to access their carts and favorite items regardless of the platform they’re using. Additionally, if your business offers a loyalty program, allow customers to accumulate points whether they purchase online or in the store.

Streamline the Omni-Channel Customer Experience With Dotcom Distribution 

At Dotcom Distribution, we know how important the omni-channel customer experience is. In fact, we’ve made it our specialty.

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