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The Reasons You Need an eCommerce Fulfillment Provider

Feeling overwhelmed by logistics for your eCommerce brand? Then it’s time to partner with an eCommerce fulfillment provider. It’s not uncommon for small and mid-sized online retailers to find themselves in the middle of a logistics storm with no way out. An experienced fulfillment provider takes on day-to-day backend responsibilities, allowing you to focus on other tasks.

3 Reasons to Invest in an eCommerce Fulfillment Provider
eCommerce Fulfillment Provider

Fulfillment and logistics costs can quickly get out of hand when you try to handle them in-house. Not to mention, the added pressure of dealing with shipping, packaging, and inventory can quickly divert attention from core business activities. If you’re ready to decrease logistics headaches and increase output, partnering with an eCommerce fulfillment provider is the right step.

Seasoned industry professionals take on complex processes, including:

  1. Shipping – Shipping and freight costs can quickly get out of hand. Without a logistics partner, you’re responsible for negotiating carrier and crate space every time you send a shipment. Price per shipment fluctuates, meaning prices can skyrocket from one week to the next. Experienced eCommerce industry providers work with a variety of carriers (including NVOCCs). They’ll negotiate fixed rates on your behalf, no matter the size of shipments.
  2. Inventory Management – Handling your own order fulfillment strategies means finding warehouse locations to store and manage inventory, which can be a major overhead expense. Serious eCommerce logistics partners have conveniently located warehouses for you to house and manage product inventory. Additionally, work with a provider that generates real-time inventory reports. These reports reflect the most accurate inventory numbers, allowing you to keep your website updated.
  3. Membership and Subscription Fulfillment – Thinking of offering subscription services for customers? Make sure your fulfillment provider offers eCommerce fulfillment services that have processes in place to scale distribution. Solid partners will package, ship and deliver items to customers on time and as described. Additionally, look for an eCommerce logistics provider that has experience working with membership and subscription services, so you don’t experience any mishaps.

Ready for an eCommerce Fulfillment Provider That Makes a Difference?

You need a fulfillment partner you can trust, knowing they won’t drop the ball when handling your brand’s logistics requirements.

Dotcom Distribution has you covered.

With years of fulfillment industry experience, we equip your brand with top-notch eCommerce and distribution services.

Our suite of fulfillment and logistics capabilities includes:

  • Domestic and Global Shipping
  • Membership and Subscription Services
  • Inventory Management
  • Kitting and Assembly
  • Product Photography

Your search for an eCommerce fulfillment provider ends today.

Contact Dotcom Distribution today to get started.

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