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Guide to Growth: A CEO’s Handbook for Sustainable Ecommerce Success

As the leader of a growing eCommerce business, your company’s future hinges on your ability to make the right decisions — from determining whether or not to bring in partners to choosing the best time to add new sales channels for your products.

The risks are high, but the payoff for making the right decisions is even bigger.

To help growing online retailers make the best possible decisions, we compiled a guide with advice from Dotcom experts as well as Carol’s Daughter founder, Lisa Price, and its CEO Richard Dantas.

Guide to Growth: A Ceo’s Handbook for Sustainable Ecommerce SuccessWhen you download “Guide to Growth: A CEO’s Handbook for Sustainable ECommerce Success,” you’ll learn:

  • How to work with a fulfillment partner to manage inventory velocity, improve cycle counts and avoid costly chargebacks from larger retailers
  • The benefits of increased staff and legacy knowledge for navigating peak seasons
  • Strategies for delivering a consistent brand experience across channels as your brand grows

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