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Green Packaging that Excites

Sustainable packaging doesn’t always look like we would expect it to, moving far beyond green-tinted ink. Although going green is often synonymous with boring, cardboard boxes, it no longer has to be.

Rapidly growing brands have much to gain from seeking out unique green packaging solutions. Not only can businesses earn customer loyalty and respect with green efforts, but there are also sales opportunities for brands choosing to go green. When consumers know that a brand is mindful of its impacts on health and sustainability, they are 58 percent more likely to try a brand’s products and services and 53 percent more likely to buy products repeatedly from that brand.

Here are three tips to keep in mind when choosing green packaging for your brand:

  • Select highly recyclable materials: One of the easiest ways to improve your brand’s sustainability is by choosing recyclable source materials. Sustainable options do exist that are more appealing than bland, beige boxes. For example, soy-based ink is one of the most biodegradable printing options, and using a lot of it is a greener option than using a little of a less-sustainable ink. Or, a package made from completely recyclable plastics can be a highly sustainable choice. This means that brands can provide sustainable solutions without sacrificing customer excitement and engagement. Providing your customers with easily recyclable packaging is also an effective way to encourage them to be proactive about going green, too.
  • Hone box dimensions and weight: Find or create boxes that are light-weight and specific to your product’s size, reducing unused space. With ground shipment businesses, such as UPS and FedEx, shifting toward dimensional pricing, size trumps weight. Brands should work to minimize a shipment’s size, as the new pricing model favors small, dense packages over the traditional large and light ones. Smaller packages reduce environmental impacts and costs.
  • Evaluate vendor sustainability practices: Partner with a vendor that prioritizes sustainability. Although many vendors promote sustainability efforts, few actively seek out new strategies to go greener. Consider your brand’s transportation practices and partner with a vendor that emphasizes resource-efficient shipping practices. Even if a box is made of completely sustainable materials, the negative impacts of shipping and gas emissions can counter a brand’s green efforts. Linking your brand with a thoughtful vendor is an easy way to reduce the environmental impact of your products. Also, working with a reliable vendor allows your employees the time and peace-of-mind to focus on other aspects of your brand.

In taking steps toward modern alternatives, consumers will value your brand’s conscientious strategies and business transparency. Sustainability efforts can greatly influence a consumer’s perception of your brand. In fact, consumers are 45 percent more likely to tell friends and family about a brand that is outwardly sustainable.

Many companies greenwash their products and take advantage of consumer misconceptions, ‘looking’ green rather than actually ‘being’ green and working toward environmental conservatism. Because packages are often the first and most memorable, interactions that your brand has with consumers, they are a great place to start honest green efforts. Challenge your customers’ perceptions of ‘green’ by offering unique sustainable packages, because, while customers are concerned with what’s inside of your package, they should be thinking about the outside, too.

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