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Fulfillment Tips for a Smooth Holiday Season

1 year ago
Dotcom Distribution

Searching for fulfillment tips and tricks to ensure a smooth holiday shopping season? You’re not alone. Online retailers and eCommerce brands experience extremely high sales volume during the holiday months, and it’s crucial that fulfillment and logistics strategies are able to meet increased demand.

4 Fulfillment Tips to Get eCommerce Brands Through the Holiday Season

Regardless of the product sold, retailers of all sizes have to prepare for the holidays. While brick-and-mortar stores are responsible for store displays and hiring seasonal staff, eCommerce brands need to make sure that warehouse operations and logistics are fully prepared for the influx of online ordering.

The holiday season is an excellent opportunity for brands to increase profits and gain a steady customer base. To ensure this happens, follow these four holiday fulfillment tips:

  1. Stay on top of inventory. There’s nothing more frustrating for a customer who is shopping for a gift online to complete the order process, only to uncover that the item they requested is out of stock. It’s important that brands stay on top of warehouse inventory, maintaining clear and constant visibility into product availability. This ensures that retailers can accurately fulfill customer orders – and when a product is out of stock, websites can be updated immediately to reflect that.
  2. Maintain strong order fulfillment. Customers that shop online during the holiday season are expecting orders to arrive on time and as described. Online retailers should aim to keep accuracy and fulfillment numbers well above 99 percent. It’s a high number that requires a meticulous approach to logistics, but eCommerce brands that maintain these high fulfillment numbers will earn consumers’ trust, increasing the likelihood of repeat shoppers.
  3. Work on scaling distribution processes. Think day-to-day order distribution will cut it during the holidays? Think again. Peak ordering times and holiday promotional periods require brands to step up distribution processes to meet the high – and constant – order demand. Retailers should work toward processes that are scalable, and attempt to reach a peak distribution that is at least 30 times greater than average order volume.
  4. Monitor fulfillment center and warehouse statistics. The careful monitoring of fulfillment centers and warehouses can help brands gauge how well personnel, logistics software and processes are performing. Pay close attention to key metrics like throughput, quality and supplier performance. These granular numbers can help eCommerce brands identify the areas that need immediate improvement so strategy changes can be made on the fly.

Interested in more holiday fulfillment tips? Check out Dotcom Distribution’s tip sheet, “How to Avoid Holiday Shipping Disasters.” Online retailers and eCommerce brands will learn how to:

  • Effectively forecast and plan for the holiday season.
  • Provide the best customer experience possible.
  • Work with a distribution partner that can guarantee smooth operations.

Don’t take on holiday fulfillment alone. Let Dotcom Distribution guarantee your brand a successful holiday season. Contact us today to get started.