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Dotcom Distribution FreightLogix

Complete Visibility into Your Shipping Operations

Emerging eCommerce brand managers have a lot to focus on as they scale up. Freight management and optimization shouldn’t be on that list. That’s where Dotcom Distribution can help. We used our experience as a leading third-party logistics (3PL) company to create FreightLogix™ and completely alter the way shipping operations are managed.

We’re talking real-time data you can actually use, at your fingertips 24/7/365. Why is this so important? Because when you’re concerned or confused about freight issues, you’re not able to focus on building your brand.

  • A centralized location for all your carrier bills
  • Automated bill auditing
  • Automatic claim filing for service failures
  • Automatic claim filing for rate discrepancies
  • Address correction reports
  • Freight spend forecasting
  • Visual analytics

More Profitability, Better Customer Experience

Shipping is one of the top costs of an eCommerce business and can hurt the profitability of the overall order fulfillment when not optimized. FreightLogix is a proprietary analytics portal that makes it more efficient to manage freight operations so brands can improve delivery operations and their bottom line.

By gathering and leveraging many years’ worth of data for clients, FreightLogix provides eCommerce D2C and wholesale B2B  customers with customized transportation spend management technology in a manner previously unavailable. It paves the way for optimal efficiencies, improved bottom lines, and a better experience for brands and their customers.

Automated, Streamlined Processes Improve Efficiencies

A dedicated dashboard gives brands 24/7//365 access to all transportation invoices for every carrier in one central location. This is paired with an automated invoice auditing service that continuously monitors transportation charges and captures credits from a carrier’s service failures and other discrepancies.

FreightLogix continuously monitors bills for errors, and automatically files claims to make sure you’re only paying for services received. That means more time for you to focus on growing your business.

Lower Shipping Costs

Advanced analytics through the Parcelytics tool in FreightLogix offer insights previously unavailable to many emerging eCommerce brands. Parcelytics notifies clients of shipping inefficiencies, arming them with knowledge to negotiate better parcel contracts, and delivers updated rate comparisons. The result is more efficient shipping to control and better manage freight expenses that can improve profitability, as well as reduce customer delivery costs.

Challenges Overcome, Tough Questions Answered

eCommerce brands face challenges and tough questions that can impact profitability every day. Dotcom’s FreightLogix addresses all of them—from forecasting, average costs, average calendar day transit, average weight, and transportation cost to dimensional billing inquiries, spend by rate shipping group, and daily ship method totals—in a user-friendly, real-time fashion.

FreightLogix is just one example of Dotcom’s value as a 3PL partner to emerging eCommerce brands. It supports our overall Transportation & Freight Management services to help reduce shipping costs and transit times to meet customer expectations.

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