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Dotcom & fabdog® Inc. : How To Successfully Handle eCommerce Fulfillment After a Product Line Goes Viral


Cassie Cole was inspired to found a line of stylish apparel by a girl with black velvet hair and deep chocolate eyes. That girl was Lucky, Cassie’s cocker spaniel. Cassie wanted to create a style for Lucky that was as beautiful as the dog herself. Today, fabdog® is one of the world’s premier fashion labels for dogs.

fabdog® has always pushed the style envelope. From the first “bitch and stud” collection to dog swag hoodies, the company has always been bold and unique. When competitors appeared in the market, the company innovated its approach to become a classic, high-quality clothing company. The success of the company stems from its promise to customers: to dress dogs in quality clothing that’s comfortable and stylish.

fabdog® apparel

The Challenge

During the 2017 holiday season, fabdog® was faced with the exciting but demanding challenge of handling a major and unprecedented order increase—the result of one of their product videos going viral. The brand initially responded to the increased order demand by shipping everything internally on a first-come first-served basis. When it became apparent that they needed help to support the increased demand, they investigated the feasibility of working with partners to ship additional products that would ensure customer satisfaction. The fabdog® executive team realized that they needed a partner to help with processing and shipping orders in time for the holidays.

The Solution

When fabdog® realized that they needed a partner to help with shipping and processing to get orders turned around for the holidays, their research led them to Dotcom Distribution. After identifying the company’s immediate needs, Dotcom Distribution took stock of all the orders and their shipping destinations to ensure the project could be handled successfully. This diligence was vital, as the integration period was only one week, as opposed to the typical six-to-eight weeks commonly taken to stand up a similar program. Ultimately, both companies committed to working together in order to ensure the project’s success.

fabdog® apparel for dogs

The Result

By identifying and addressing their need to bring in a fulfillment partner as early as possible after an increase in sales, fabdog® was able to handle the post-viral influx of orders in a fraction of the time it would have taken to fill the orders internally. Finding the right partner was a big part of their success. fabdog® was able to ship an increased number of items in just one week— that’s an eighth of the amount of time a traditional Dotcom Distribution customer onboarding process usually takes. This successful turnaround contributed to fabdog® realizing 15 times more business year-over-year.


Fabdog + Dotcom Distribution Case Study

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