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Essential eCommerce Fulfillment Center Characteristics

eCommerce Fulfillment CenterA crucial step in optimizing supply chain management and shipping logistics for your brand is finding a third-party logistics (3PL) company with proven fulfillment center experience. Unfortunately, many companies fail to provide the full range of benefits that an experienced fulfillment and distribution company can deliver.

In addition to a strategically located fulfillment warehouse, your logistics and fulfillment partner should offer a range of services that streamline your organization’s supply chain and enhance the customer experience. Order management, packaging, accurate fulfillment, inventory forecasting—it all counts when it comes to selecting the best fulfillment center partner for your brand.

Must-Have Fulfillment Center Capabilities

Leading multi-channel fulfillment center providers equip brands with an optimized, single-source solution for order fulfillment and shipping processes. Performance capabilities to consider when searching for a trusted order fulfillment center partner include:

  • Detailed Inventory Management – The careful planning and management of product inventory across all channels helps to ensure real-time inventory visibility, enabling you to better manage the supply chain.
  • Complete Order Management – Expect your eCommerce fulfillment partner to offer the latest and most innovative technology and multi-channel interfaces to provide a complete view of orders placed and product demand.
  • Seamless Fulfillment Completion – The consistently flawless fulfillment of orders need to quickly scale to accommodate seasonal demand, sales, and promotions.
  • Real-Time Reporting – Real-time reporting solutions provide an enhanced view of inventory, pending and complete orders, and other crucial aspects of your multi-channel eCommerce business.

Leveraging a combination of experienced fulfillment center personnel and advanced technology, the industry’s most sought-after eCommerce fulfillment providers can successfully align your brand’s back-end support with the constant demands of today’s marketplace.

Achieving Fulfillment Center Advantage with Dotcom Distribution

Dotcom Distribution is a strategic eCommerce logistics provider dedicated to providing streamlined fulfillment center services. Our performance capabilities include:

  • A strategically located warehouse that offers same-day shipping for most clients. One- to three-day delivery via ground services is available for 75 percent of U.S. consumers.
  • Facilities, systems, and processes provide seasonal scalability with a proven peak capacity for as much as 30 times your brand’s average order volume.
  • At Dotcom Distribution, fulfillment center performance is monitored and controlled through reporting of order statuses, throughput, quality, and supplier performance analytics.
  • A tested order accuracy system and process that ensures your brand has the ability to deliver on its promises and build trust with new and existing customers.

To learn more about Dotcom Distribution’s fulfillment center capabilities, contact us today or call (732)-287-2300 for additional information.

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