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Drop Shipping Methods Versus Traditional Shipping Methods for Your Business

Drop shipping methods for products can be advantageous for online retailers. Because drop shipping moves goods from manufacturers directly to consumers, you’re eliminating an extra – and sometimes costly – step in the fulfillment process.

The eCommerce Advantage of Drop Shipping Methods

Drop Shipping versus Traditional ShippingThe number of customers shopping online for products continues to grow, turning eCommerce into a multi-billion dollar industry. With such a high demand for online retail, you need a streamlined, cost-effective shipping strategy that doesn’t sacrifice delivery quality or speed.

Drop shipping methods move the responsibility for shipping orders away from retailers, shortening the time it takes to reach customers and removing an extra link in your logistics strategy.

Once you start using drop shipping methods, you’ll quickly realize several advantages:

  • You can start to offer more products to customers. If you store items in your warehouse, you can only advertise the products immediately available in your inventory. A limited inventory can lead to lost sales opportunities. Since drop shipping doesn’t rely on the products you have stored in warehouses and storage facilities, you can increase product offerings on your eCommerce site and boost revenue.
  • Drop shipping is more cost-effective than other shipping methods. Typically, you order products from a manufacturer, store them in your warehouse and then sell to customers. When products flop, it’s not uncommon to get stuck with unpopular units taking up valuable warehouse space. Since drop shipping methods don’t require you to always have inventory, you have more latitude to experiment with new items. If one item doesn’t perform as expected, you’re not stuck figuring out what to do with the product.
  • Customers get their products faster. Traditional order fulfillment is time-consuming. When orders are received, warehouse staff are responsible for finding, packing and shipping the item, which takes at least three days. Opting for drop shipping speeds up order fulfillment, since manufacturers ship directly to consumers. No middle man – or middle warehouse – is necessary.

Check out the drop shipping pros and cons to learn more about this type of shipping method.

Drop Shipping Methods Made Simple With Dotcom Distribution

Dotcom Distribution is a seasoned third-party logistics provider with ample experience in drop shipping capabilities. We give retailers comprehensive, real-time visibility into product orders and shipments. Our drop shipping services include:

  • Total Warehouse Integration – Our technology integrates with legacy software, allowing for streamlined direct-to-consumer fulfillment.
  • Inventory Management – We help maintain control of product inventory, eliminating the need for in-house warehouse and storage facilities and associated costs.

Don’t hesitate to implement drop shipping methods any longer. Contact Dotcom Distribution today to get started.