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Dotcom Distribution Peak Update 11/4/2020

We’re writing this post to make you aware of shipping carrier surcharges for the 2020 holiday peak period and encourage you to take steps today that will ensure that your customer orders are received ahead of the busiest holiday periods when the carrier networks are expected to be over capacity and package transit times will be severely slowed.

So far, we can highlight this carrier information and have linked to the carrier web pages that include detail on published surcharges. Note that the volume thresholds and active dates may vary from carrier to carrier and the charges that you see on your Dotcom transportation-related invoice may vary from the surcharges described from these published rates:

Improbable as it may sound, Dotcom’s Shipping Team is still waiting to hear back from several carriers about the available capacity for your forecasted peak volume. Ultimately, Dotcom believes that because of our relationships with carriers we will have more capacity allotted to us than currently permitted. However, at this stage, the lack of response from certain carriers suggests how little room there is for flexibility within the carrier networks for the current forecast volume, much less excess volume. Once we have this information, your Dotcom Program Manager will be reaching out to you with a proposed shipping plan

Dotcom still strongly urges you to work with your marketing teams to advance your holiday promotions to the second and third weeks in November.

We will share more information with you as we receive notice from other carriers. If you have any questions about how these changes will affect your program, please submit a Transportation request using Jira Service Desk.

Thank you for being a valued Dotcom Distribution partner. We look forward to supporting your shipping operations during the holiday season.

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