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Dotcom Distribution Peak Update 11/12/2020

Over the past several months, Dotcom has shared with you the idea of advancing your company’s holiday promotions to reduce the number of delayed packages during the holiday peak period due to well publicized carrier and labor constraints that are expected through the approaching holiday season. With the number of COVID-19 cases on the rise, and the potential impact to the availability of warehouse labor through the balance of 2020, the suggestion of advancing holiday offers is even more important now.

Here are some strategies Dotcom has been seeing brands and retailers employing this season to increase the probability of customers receiving orders before Christmas.

  • Advance Your Holiday Promotions – Don’t hold your marketing spend until Black Friday, Cyber Week, and the weeks before Christmas. Start running your campaigns and promotions now to generate orders as early as possible. By doing so you will capture orders and revenue earlier while getting ahead of the historic demand that is sure to clog up logistics and transportation systems come Thanksgiving.
  • Market to Your Existing Customers NOW – While you may decide to launch new customer acquisition budgets and strategies on more traditional timelines, you can still take early advantage of your house email and SMS lists. Make sure that any communication to these known audience members includes clear calls to action, order deadlines, and even additional incentives for shopping early. Use the carrier cutoff dates as a guide, while encouraging early orders.
  • Customer Communication – Be clear with your shoppers on your homepage, in shopping carts, and via email that package deliveries will take longer to reach them this holiday season and are not guaranteed. Place a banner on your homepage encouraging them to shop earlier to avoid delays. Not only can this messaging spur orders to come in earlier in the season, but the messaging can reduce calls to your customer service department and negative online social ratings.

To see how major retailers are already employing these strategies and others, check out these links:

Dotcom strongly urges you to advance your promotions. There’s still time to make this happen. By moving your holiday promotions and Black Friday deals to the week of 11/16 or even early in the week of 11/23, you can significantly reduce the number of delayed packages during peak.

Thank you for being a valued Dotcom Distribution partner. We look forward to supporting your brand during the upcoming holiday season.

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