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Dotcom Distribution Peak Update 10/8/2020

As you know, the carriers have required shipping forecasts from Dotcom this year.  At this time, all forecasts have been transmitted to the carriers on your behalf.  We are awaiting their feedback regarding volume and trailer allocations and are pressing them hard to ensure that all of the forecasted volume can be met by the carriers.

We are also working with the carriers as they finalize their peak surcharges and cutoff schedules for delivery of packages by Christmas. We will share that information as soon as it becomes available.

Your Holiday Shipping Plan is being finalized by Dotcom’s Operations team and your Program Manager will be sharing this plan with you soon. As we all continue to plan for this historic holiday season, it is becoming more and more evident that carriers networks will be stressed like never before. In order to combat this reality, industry pundits are urging brands to promote earlier than ever this holiday to ensure timely delivery.  We strongly agree with this advice and would encourage you to have these conversations with your merchant and marketing teams.  The more orders that you can drive in advance of BFCM, the more customers will have a positive experience and the lower your costs will be by shipping in advance of the surcharge timeframe.

We will continue to share relevant updates with you as the details come together. As always, thank you for your partnership. Dotcom looks forward to supporting your brand through what promises to be a holiday season that is set to smash previous records.

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