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Dotcom Distribution Peak Update 10/21/2020

This post includes updates on peak-related topics including the USPS rate increase and the latest carrier-recommended cutoff dates.

The new USPS rates are now in effect. They will be seen in all shipping methods where USPS delivery is used, including workshare and final mile shipping methods. The surcharge may affect which shipping method is chosen if you are using a Best Way Group to shop rates across shipping methods.

As you know, carriers are exercising unprecedented control over their fleets during this peak season. For some carriers shipping to international destinations, the recommended cutoffs are in November. Their priority will be to ship forecast volume and they are not giving assurances for handling package volume over forecast volume.

With this in mind we encourage you to evaluate your promotional calendars in order to try to move as much volume to as early in the peak season as possible. Dotcom will not automatically upgrade shipping methods based on the carrier cutoff dates approach. Please be sure to manage which shipping methods are available for your customers and which shipping methods are sent to Dotcom as the carrier cutoff dates approach.

As we have noted, carrier networks will be extremely stressed this peak season. That is why we encourage you to set expectations with your clients about package delivery. Ultimately you are in control of which shipping methods to send to Dotcom as the cutoff dates approach. Our recommendation is that the cutoff dates are used as a general guide, not a last resort, in order to ensure the highest chance of package delivery before Christmas.

We will update THIS PAGE as carriers provide information about their holiday peak cutoff dates.

Thank you for your partnership. Dotcom looks forward to supporting your brand through this year’s holiday season.

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