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Dotcom Distribution Peak Update 10/15/2020

Please review and share these peak-related updates with your team members that would benefit from these details.


  • We continue our efforts to attract skilled warehouse labor and build teams ahead of the peak season across our seven-days per week schedule and a recently added second shift.
  • We are entertaining all possibilities to retain skilled labor in this fiercely competitive and quickly evolving labor market. Every day we adjust to challenges driven by retail warehouses and related employers in our market.

USPS Surcharge

  • Remember that the US Postal Service is adding a surcharge of $0.24 to $1.50 on 18 October through 27 December, 2020.
  • This surcharge affects all packages shipped with USPS systems including final mile and work share programs such as SurePost, SmartPost, DHL, and others. Each carrier has adjusted its fees differently in response to the USPS rate surcharge.  For further insight on specific carriers or service levels, please visit carrier websites.
  • While carrier rate shopping groups will continue to choose the best service based on the criteria you set up with Dotcom, the USPS surcharge across carriers may impact which carrier/service “wins” your business while these peak rates are active.

Carrier Trailer Availability & Carrier Cutoff Dates

  • We are diligently working with carriers to secure the number of trailers to ship your peak forecast volume. Your earlier provided forecasts have already been shared with carriers to begin that process. Changes to forecasts at this stage may not allow for carriers to provide Dotcom with proper resources during peak shipping days.
  • We will send another email consolidating cutoff dates when all of the carriers have published their schedules. In the meantime consult individual carrier websites for holiday cutoff information.
  • Understanding the carrier cutoff dates will be essential to managing the customer expectations during this peak season.
  • Dotcom will not automatically upgrade shipping methods based on the carrier cutoff dates approach. Please be sure to manage which shipping methods are available for your customers and which shipping methods are sent to Dotcom as the carrier cutoff dates approach.

Holiday Promotions

  • As mentioned in our October 8th email, carrier networks will be under extreme stress this holiday season.
  • We urge you to consider running your holiday promotions in late October and early November to ensure timely delivery.
  • The more volume you can drive in advance of BFCM, the greater the chance of positive customer experiences, and the lower your costs will be if you ship ahead of carrier surcharge windows.
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