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Facility cleaning continues today and crews are expected to remain working into the evening. The cleaning teams have disinfected common areas, workstations, machinery, and many other touch points in response to a Dotcom warehouse associate informing us that they tested positive for COVID-19. This third party cleaning service has now been retained to perform a deep cleaning every week, during off-hours, as long as this crisis lasts.

These extraordinary sanitation measures will allow the facility to open on Tuesday, March 31 and hopefully provide our workers with a high degree of confidence that their health and safety is being well looked after at Dotcom. While there is a dedicated core team of associates coming to the warehouse each day to work, the downstream effects of this episode have yet to play out and are likely to impact the availability of labor in all areas of the Dotcom operation.

As a result of today’s cleaning event, we are expecting to start Tuesday with extremely heavy receiving and outbound volumes. We anticipate that this volume trend will continue throughout the week as we explore options for attracting an adequate number of workers to meet the demand.

Please note that we predict it will take much longer than usual for our put-away teams to slot new products for picking. That’s why it is essential to monitor the Stock Status Report for real time data on product allocation and communicate according with your sales and marketing teams.

Of course Dotcom has always taken a multi-pronged approach to sourcing labor. To that end we are now expanding our hiring initiatives through the newly created New Jersey job boards that are helping to place workers from other businesses that have been closed.

We will keep you updated when we have additional or new information that impacts our business and yours.

Electronic Remittance 

Thank you to all of our partners who are now paying by ACH. This is a safer and speedier process to use. If you haven’t yet set up electronic payment, contact accounting@dotcomdistribution.com today.

Dotcom Partner Brands Giving Back

  • Dotcom thanks Drop for donating a significant amount of fabric that will be used to sew masks together for all of our warehouse associates.
  • Virtue Labs has started a fundraiser on Gofundme for hairstylists and salon employees who have been impacted by the economic fallout from Coronavirus. Click here to make a donation.


  • Are you considering the possibility of holding some of your product in your location as a contingency? Please contact your PM to arrange an inventory transfer.
  • With Amazon’s decision to shift focus to essential product receipts, Dotcom can help if your FBA sales channel is impacted, as we are currently shipping all categories of products.
  • Is your volume continuing to change? If so, please let us know by contacting  your Program Manager as soon as possible. We’re doing what we can to limit potential exposure of the virus among our employees and associates.
  • Due to retailers closing and other related market events, we’re receiving a significant number of order cancellation tickets in Jira. Thank you for your continued patience while we work through this ticket volume. Some of our staff currently working from home are highly focused on Jira and are doing their best to address tickets as quickly as possible.

Carrier Updates & Service Alerts

  • We continue to arrange with each carrier to adjust their pickup schedules according to our modified shifts.
  • We are continuing to monitor all carriers for any additional changes to their services, pickup times, and destination restrictions during this very fluid period. For the most up to date service alerts, check your carrier’s website for any service changes:
  • We will note important changes as we learn them, including:
    • UPS & FedEx bothSuspending service guarantees until further notice.

Support Your Fellow Brands

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We thank you for being a valued Dotcom Distribution partner brand. We hope that you continue to stay healthy and well during this unprecedented era.