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Dotcom’s status as a logistics provider allows us to remain open now that NJ has instituted a statewide stay-at-home order, closed all nonessential businesses, and instituted a mandatory curfew. While staffing levels on Monday were good, volumes were higher than anticipated and proved challenging to clear in the now shortened work day. Tuesday’s order forecast is expected to be elevated further impacting our ability to clear same day orders. We will continue to monitor these trends and make modifications when necessary.

As a result of these obstacles we urge you to adjust the delivery expectations of your customers as you may have seen other brands doing during this time. We will continue to work through the orders using a first-in-first-out methodology as we maximize productivity under these new constraints.

We have been diligently working to serve our clientele while keeping all of our workers safe. Increased efforts around sanitization were implemented successfully today to ensure we are sanitizing areas even more frequently.

Electronic Payment

If you are not already paying Dotcom through ACH, please reach out to us at accounting@dotcomdistribution.com to implement. With Dotcom’s office staff working remotely it will be difficult to receive and process check payments during this period. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Is your volume continuing to change? If so, please let us know by contacting  your Program Manager as soon as possible. We’re doing what we can to limit potential exposure of the virus among our employees and associates.

Carrier Updates & Service Alerts

Channel Volumes

  • If your business is being impacted by store closures and you are shifting volume to eCommerce, please communicate changes directly with your Dotcom Program Manager.
  • With Amazon’s decision to shift focus to essential product receipts, Dotcom can help if your FBA sales channel is impacted, as we are currently shipping all categories of products.

Inventory Transfers

  • Are you considering the possibility of holding some of your product in your location as a contingency? Please contact your PM to arrange an inventory transfer.

Support Your Fellow Brands

  • Roller Rabbit – online at Roller Rabbit to take advantage of this offer, through 31 March, using code F&F30. Additional details can be found here.
  • Zadig & Voltaire – From Wednesday 18th March, 2020 through Sunday 5th of April, 2020 12:00AM PST Zadig & Voltaire is offering up to 30% off items when code CARE30 is used at checkout. This sale is only available online at www.zadig-et-voltaire.com10% of sales will be donated to The Red Cross when the code is used at checkout.
  • Dormify- Get 25% off sitewide at dormify.com with code COZYUP until 3/24.

Hours of Operation

  • During the week of March 23, the shifts will operate from 8AM through 4:30PM.

Thank you for continuing as a valued Dotcom Distribution partner brand. Stay safe and healthy.