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As of Friday, 20 March, the Dotcom Distribution facility remains open.

While states including New York and California are stopping non-essential business and travel, our current interpretation of these regulations is that our NJ facility is categorized as an essential “warehousing and storage”  business  that is exempt from such interruption.

In light of this understanding, we are steadfast in maintaining the facility to serve our partners through ongoing receiving and shipping operations. Similar governmental guidelines also cover the shipping carriers, which continue to transport goods to and from our facility. As always, we will provide you with updates during this fluid period.


Is your volume different than originally forecasted? If so, please re-forecast and send the update to your Program Manager. We’re doing what we can to limit potential exposure of the virus among our employees and associates. Your updated forecasts help us manage the number of people that are in the facility.

Carrier Updates & Service Alerts

  • We have arranged with each carrier to adjust their pickup schedules according to our modified shifts.
  • We are continuing to monitor all carriers for any additional changes to their services, pickup times, and destination restrictions during this very fluid period. For the most up to date service alerts, check your carrier’s website for any service changes:
  • We will note important changes as we learn them, including:
    • Effective Sunday, 5 April, and until further notice, “a temporary peak surcharge will be implemented on UPS Worldwide Express®(1), UPS Worldwide Express Freight®(2) and UPS Worldwide Expedited® shipments (3) originating from China Mainland and Hong Kong SAR to the Europe (4),U.S and America(5) regions.
    • Effective Monday, March 23rd APC-Logistics will “implement a temporary pass-through airline surcharge.” Check their site for additional info at https://www.apc-pli.com/.
    • Note the mail delivery related protocols posted the USPS on 3/19 for mail handling to additional countries including Ireland, Croatia, Slovenia, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, and others.

Channel Volumes

  • If your business is being impacted by store closures and you are shifting volume to eCommerce, please communicate changes directly with your Dotcom Program Manager.
  • With Amazon’s decision to shift focus to essential product receipts, Dotcom can help if your FBA sales channel is impacted, as we are currently shipping all categories of products.

Inventory Transfers

  • Considering the possibility of holding some of your product in your location as a contingency? Please contact your PM to arrange an inventory transfer.

Support Your Fellow Brands

  • Roller Rabbit – online at Roller Rabbit to take advantage of this offer, through 31 March, using code F&F30. Additional details can be found here.
  • Zadig & Voltaire – From Wednesday 18th March, 2020 through Sunday 5th of April, 2020 12:00AM PST Zadig & Voltaire is offering up to 30% off items when code CARE30 is used at checkout. This sale is only available online at www.zadig-et-voltaire.com10% of sales will be donated to The Red Cross when the code is used at checkout.

Hours of Operation

  • Starting 23 March, the weekday shifts will be condensed to operate from 8AM through 4:30PM.
  • When forecasts warrant additional staff, the shifts will again be expanded.

We will continue to provide updates when available and guidance when necessary. As always, thank you for being a valued Dotcom Distribution partner brand. Stay safe and healthy.

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