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Positive Omnichannel Experiences Drive Changes in What Consumers Want and Expect from Brands

Edison, N.J. – October 9, 2017 – According to a new study released by Dotcom Distribution, a leading provider of multi-channel fulfillment services for emerging and established brands, 64% of online shoppers are enjoying the benefits of brands using effective omnichannel strategies. The new study, The Evolution of Commerce: Omnichannel and the New Retail Customer, reveals the importance of speed, quality and convenience for shoppers.

Omnichannel removes the barriers between physical and digital shopping, creating a frictionless, immersive experience for consumers. Furthermore, a positive omnichannel experience can create repeat customers. The study also found that 90.7 % of customers value free shipping, 76.8% value free returns/exchanges and 55.1 % value easy online returns.

“It’s becoming increasingly clear that creating a positive and seamless customer experience both in-store and at-home is key for brands during this rapidly changing retail environment,” said Maria Haggerty, CEO of Dotcom Distribution. “Our recent study can help guide companies in identifying what makes the biggest impact on consumers and builds brand loyalty as they are heading into the busy peak planning season.”  

Fast delivery continues to foster loyalty among customers. About 34% of participants said that faster delivery would increase their trust with a brand. With this continued demand for fast delivery, survey results have indicated at nearly a quarter (23%) of consumers have tried same day delivery. Even with the focus on fast and same day deliveries, consumers are still expecting quality and security when it comes to their packages with about 59% of participants saying they would not be comfortable with a less than ideal delivery experience, even if they could receive same-day delivery.

Fast free shipping and easy returns aren’t the only factors that lead to a positive shopping experience and brand loyalty. There are other elements that might be just as effective in engendering brand loyalty and driving repeat purchases, especially for smaller and emerging brands.

  • Over 25% of participants said that that receiving branded inserts with their order makes a brand seem more upscale.
  • 38.97% of participants said discounted pricing was a leading factor when it came to building trust with a brand.
  • 26.52% of participants said that they would prefer more transparency while their package is in transit.

The full study, The Evolution of Commerce: Omnichannel and the New Retail Customer, is available for download here.

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Dotcom Distribution is a fulfillment and logistics services provider for B2C and B2B emerging and established eCommerce brands. Offering timely fulfillment, custom packaging and strategic pathways to growth, Dotcom is a true partner to brands who wish to rapidly scale and take their business to the next level. Unlike other logistics providers, Dotcom Distribution counsels brands on how to make a consistently elevated experience that generates consumer excitement, builds trust and creates opportunity for growth. Using its strategically located Edison, N.J., warehouse, Dotcom provides most clients with same-day shipping and an average 1- to 3-day delivery time via standard ground service to 70 percent of the U.S. population. For more on Dotcom’s services and brand impact, visit www.dotcomdist.com.

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