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DevaCurl + Dotcom Distribution Case Study

DevaCurl is a hair care brand that specializes in maintaining and styling naturally curly hair. DevaCurl offers shampoos, conditioners, styling products, styling accessories, and treatments for curly-haired clientele. The brand also owns a chain of salons called “DevaChan” where their hair care product line was initially sold exclusively.

Case details

DevaCurl expanded product distribution to increase accessibility for its large and growing millennial customer base just ahead of the holiday sales season. The objective was to expand market share and connect with its growing segment through a complete digital integration designed to better serve its growing millennial clientele through:

  • Strengthening and growing its eCommerce business.
  • Providing an omnichannel experience.

With the holiday season approaching, the brand increased its marketing spend, resulting in an increased eCommerce forecast. DevaCurl recognized that they needed to strengthen their fulfillment services to create an optimized eCommerce experience and meet growth objectives for the holiday sales season.

In order to satisfy the demands of higher forecast and ship product quickly and accurately, DevaCurl had to find a reliable, experienced fulfillment provider. They required an experienced business partner who understood their goals, could rapidly and seamlessly onboard the program, scale immediately to support demand and provide an enhanced brand experience.

In late September 2018, DevaCurl brought Dotcom Distribution (Dotcom) on board to create and launch a program that would accomplish the brand’s objective. With nearly 20 years of experience supporting brand fulfillment, Dotcom was able to quickly understand the brand’s challenges and goals and delved into its vast resources to propose a success framework. Dotcom was then able to set up operations within a month, just in time for the start of the holiday sales season.

Launching the B2C Program

DevaCurl provided detailed forecasts that allowed Dotcom to determine resource allocation and develop a scalable plan for effective inventory management.

Dotcom developed a team of dedicated resources who followed a defined communications plan to establish and maintain a cohesive and streamlined program.

Dotcom identified product packaging issues in early stages, allowing DevaCurl time to address and optimize with its packaging partner, leading to the set-up of rigorous packaging requirements to reduce waste.

Bringing in B2B

Following the successful launch of the B2C program, DevaCurl brought its B2B business to Dotcom. DevaCurl now manages all of its SKUs to both wholesalers and retailers through the Dotcom facility.

Market Expansion

Shortly following the highly successful holiday sales season and B2B program rollout, DevaCurl partnered with Dotcom to support its international expansion.

Kitting and Assembly

In a drive to optimize efficiencies and realize cost savings, DevaCurl engaged Dotcom to perform all of its kitting and assembly jobs. By creating a core production team to support all program needs, Dotcom was able to scale, and support, a variety of jobs.

Service Highlights

  • 600+ SKUs handled across B2B and B2C programs.
  • Dedicated team of IT, logistics and account management.
  • 100% quality control performed on each assembled kit.
  • Full transparency into facility operations through data-rich web portals.
  • Real-time data sharing through full-service APIs and web-hooks.
  • Customized packaging options.

Dotcom Distribution launched, scaled, and brought the consistencies and efficiencies that this multi-channel program required to realize growth:

  • Provided guidance and delivered a level of service that was paramount in achieving 30% growth during this holiday sales season.
  • Set up new operations within a month’s time to support a highly-ambitious program.
  • Successfully managed record-breaking volumes that resulted from this holiday sales season strategy.
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