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Building a Better Brand Identity

1 year ago
Dotcom Distribution

Your brand identity sets you apart from the thousands of other eCommerce companies out there. You can’t afford to deliver a subpar brand message and mediocre product images to your consumers.

Proper branding translates into consumer recognition and ultimately, customer loyalty. Think about it – the best brands are the ones that resonate in buyers’ minds. Your brand is more than a name and company logo. It’s the foundation of your entire eCommerce business.

Steps to Building a Better Brand Identity

Branding is about more than slapping images onto a brown box and sending it out to customers. It’s about connecting with consumers in a way that leads them to purchase your products. The best brand strategies consist of elements like messaging, design schemes and more.

It seems intimidating, but you can begin to build your brand identity by focusing on a few important steps:

  • Use high-quality product photography. Online retailers face a unique challenge in that customers can’t physically touch and hold products the same way they can in a brick-and-mortar store. Instead, it’s up to you to showcase your products on your eCommerce site in a way that is just as enticing to customers, and leads them to make a purchasing decision. The best way to do this is through high-quality, professional images. Think of these images as the first impression customers get of your products – you want to make sure it’s good.
  • Develop unique product packaging. There’s no excuse for sending your products in a plain brown box. Unmarked, ordinary packaging doesn’t leave a lasting brand impression and customers are more likely to want to open a package featuring a unique design. In Dotcom Distribution’s whitepaper, “Unwrapping the Customer Experience,” 49 percent of consumers admitted they are excited to open an online purchase when it’s packaged in an appealing way. That means branded elements like tape, wrapping and boxes will go a long way with your customers.
  • Nail down brand messaging. An important element of brand identity is messaging. You want to capture the elements of your brand that make it different from other eCommerce retailers, and demonstrate the value your business provides to consumers. Once you have the messaging nailed down, integrate it with marketing content and display it on product packaging.

Improve Your Brand Identity Today

When it comes to building your brand, a shot in the dark just won’t cut it. You need a detailed, carefully outlined brand strategy.

That’s where Dotcom Distribution comes in.

We have years of expertise in delivering market-inspired, exclusively branded elements that will get your customers talking. Our professional eCommerce photographers use the best equipment and technology to deliver product images that are truly exceptional.

Ready to learn more about building your brand identity? Check out our latest eBook, “Emerging in eCommerce: A 360º View From the Inside,” or contact us today.