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Advantages to Leveraging 3PL Fulfillment Provider

Let’s face it—it’s difficult for brands to successfully and cost-effectively handle all aspects of eCommerce. So choosing a third-party logistics (3PL) fulfillment partner can go a long way in optimizing your order fulfillment processes.

Capable third-party logistics partners handle the elements it takes to really wow customers—unique product packaging, efficient eCommerce fulfillment services, and fast shipping options. By teaming up with a 3PL fulfillment service provider, you’re taking the steps necessary to gain a competitive and strategic advantage in the competitive eCommerce space.

Advantages of a Strong 3PL Fulfillment Service Provider

A proven 3PL fulfillment partner optimizes your brand’s logistics and improves back-end processes. Third-party logistics and fulfillment providers that are well-versed in improving operational processes will possess these key advantages:

  • Facilities That Enable Optimized Shipping Speeds. Facilities and warehouses that are strategically located can provide same-day shipping. In addition, look for a 3PL company that offers one to three-day delivery via ground service to at least 75 percent of the U.S.
  • Ability to Adapt Processes Based on Demand. Whether it’s the busy holiday season or a one-time promotion, a third-party logistics provider’s facilities, systems, and processes should be adaptable for periods of high demand.  To be fully scalable, your 3PL fulfillment partner should be able to handle peak capacity for up to 30 times as much of your brand’s order volume during normal sales periods.
  • Monitoring of Warehouse and Center Performances. Fulfillment and warehouse center performance should be consistently monitored through in-depth reporting. Granular insights can offer a detailed look at key performance indicators With this information, you’re able to identify which areas of your fulfillment strategy are operating as intended—and which ones have room for improvement.
  • Invest in New Technologies for Streamlined Procedures. Ongoing investments in new and innovative technologies will allow your brand to stay at the forefront of fulfillment and distribution services. Team up with a 3PL partner that focuses on constantly integrating new systems to streamline back-end processes. This ensures that your fulfillment strategies will never go dormant and that you can continue to provide customers with top-notch service.

A 3PL Fulfillment Partnership with Dotcom Distribution

Dotcom Distribution is an industry-leading 3PL fulfillment provider for eCommerce brands. In addition to optimizing back-end operations, we specialize in eCommerce and multichannel fulfillment solutions that result in improved inventory management, streamlined order fulfillment, in-depth performance insights, and increased customer satisfaction and retention.

As an experienced 3PL provider, we manage your brand’s logistics and fulfillment requirements so you don’t have to.

Contact us to learn more about partnering with Dotcom Distribution for 3PL eCommerce fulfillment services.

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