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1 year ago
Dotcom Distribution

Dotcom’s services enable the online retailer to fulfill orders as it emerges as a player in the intimate apparel space

Edison, N.J. – August 1, 2013 – Dotcom Distribution, a premier provider of fulfillment and logistics solutions, today announces its fulfillment partnership with Adore Me, an intimates eCommerce site offering designer-crafted, perfectly fitting styles at radical price points, along with personalized showrooms and subscription-based style-of-the-month memberships. Dotcom’s ability to adjust to increasing order volumes enables Adore Me to continue its rapid growth and provide customers with product packaging that mirrors the brand’s dedication to beautiful, high-quality products.

“Last year, our sales increased by 40-50 percent month over month, and it soon became clear that our initial logistics provider could not keep up with the large order volume we were receiving,” said Morgan Hermand-Waiche, CEO and co-founder of Adore Me. “We selected Dotcom Distribution as our fulfillment partner because of the company’s proven success with other growing fashion eCommerce businesses. This partnership ensures the execution of our aggressive business plan and allows us to meet the commitment we made to our investors for continued growth and success.”

Adore Me recently closed a Series B venture capital round of $8.5 million, bringing the company to $11.2 million in funding. Since inventory management and fulfillment are key factors in the success of an emerging e-retailer, choosing to work with Dotcom Distribution gave Adore Me and its investors confidence in the operation infrastructure.

“Adore Me realizes our ability to support its projected long-term growth,” said Doug Sternberg, executive vice president of client strategy of Dotcom Distribution. “Emerging eCommerce companies must work with a fulfillment provider whose management team is willing to collaborate and be a great business partner, while also having the expertise to provide customers with an exceptional experience each and every time they receive an online order.”

According to Sternberg, subscription-based brands like Adore Me are in a unique position to generate much higher customer lifetime values than traditional retailers. Customers of subscription-based brands often embrace social media to share their experiences and products with others, which can help to exponentially grow the business. For this reason, it was important that Adore Me selected a fulfillment partner with the equipment, technology and facilities to produce – on a larger scale – an attractive, social media-ready package.

In addition to Dotcom’s dedication to providing a great customer experience, Adore Me partnered with Dotcom for the company’s ability to rapidly count, quality-check and sort inventory as it arrives in the warehouse. This is imperative for a company that receives inventory frequently and works to consistently keep its online product offering fresh and in-line with warehouse inventory. With the help of Dotcom’s real-time dashboard and detailed reporting system, Adore Me can track orders from the warehouse to customers’ doorsteps, see which products are in-stock and identify slow moving inventory, among other things.

“Our products have always arrived at the customer’s doorstep beautifully packaged and well-preserved,” said Hermand-Waiche. “Dotcom Distribution shares our dedication to delivering a high quality customer experience, and we are confident in the company’s ability to handle the very specific details that go into Adore Me’s packaging.”

About Adore Me
Adore Me (www.adoreme.com) is a vertically integrated women’s intimates brand disrupting this $11 billion industry by offering designer-crafted, great fitting lingerie at affordable price points.

Most matching sets are $39.95 (bra and panty) and shipping in the U.S. is always free, both ways. Customers can also receive complimentary one-on-one consultations with Adore Me’s in-house experts, to get advice on style, fit, or literally any question they have regarding their special purchase.

With a family history in the garment industry in France, Morgan Hermand-Waiche, Founder & CEO, started Adore Me on the Harvard Business School campus. His goal was to offer a viable alternative to Victoria’s Secret in the US. Today, the brand works with some of the best professionals in the space, including world class designers and photographers all contributing to create a great product and customer experience.

About Dotcom Distribution
Dotcom Distribution is one of the premier providers of logistics and fulfillment services to growing retailers & manufacturers. Industry pioneers such as Adore Me, Birchbox, Bliss, Fab, INTERMIX, and vineyard vines trust in Dotcom’s boutique feel, enterprise scale and management team to ensure their customers receive the highest quality packaging & delivery, while preserving the brand experience all the way through to the customer’s front door. Dotcom’s facility enables typical clients to achieve same-day order shipping and an average 1-3 day delivery times via standard ground service to 75% of the US population – all while delivering custom packaging solutions which resell the brand experience at that critical final mile delivery.

For more information about Dotcom Distribution and its logistics and fulfillment services, visit http://dotcomdistribution.com.