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A Simple Guide to Better eCommerce Fulfillment and Logistics

Dotcom Distribution Fulfillment Partner Driving Scalable GrowthAs an online retailer, your business plan differs slightly than that of a brick-and-mortar store. For one, there’s a much greater emphasis on eCommerce fulfillment and logistics. After all, your logistics strategy is responsible for getting your products in the hands of your customers. It’s a vital part of your business, and lax processes and subpar fulfillment techniques aren’t going to get the results you need.

A better logistics strategy requires streamlining the supply chain. It all counts – order management, product packaging, shipping, inventory forecasting and more.

How to Improve Your eCommerce Fulfillment and Logistics Strategies

There’s a direct link between your logistics strategy and your marketplace competitiveness. The more you optimize fulfillment, the more opportunities open up for enhanced market reach and new growth opportunities. Improving eCommerce fulfillment and logistics doesn’t have to be an expensive, time-consuming endeavor. Instead, all it takes is integrating new practices into your existing strategies:

  • Technology – Staying on top of product orders and other fulfillment necessities is difficult if you’re attempting to track several metrics on different platforms. Warehouse technology takes everything you oversee – product levels, order statuses, shipment tracking and more – and puts it all on a single, easy-to-view system. The best part is that these technologies can be easily integrated into existing solutions, thereby simplifying user adoption.
  • Scalable Processes – Holiday seasons and flash sales are big reasons for sudden spikes in order volume. The increase in sales is great but only if you are able to meet customer demand. If your logistics processes can scale to meet periods of peak order volume, you will not only increase cash flow during sales frenzies, but you’ll also generate loyalty with highly satisfied customers.
  • Robust Reporting – Implementing new logistics and fulfillment strategies is great, but you need a way to track their effectiveness. Granular, in-depth reports keep you informed of how well your current eCommerce fulfillment and logistics processes are working – and which ones need improvement. With insightful analysis, you can make adjustments as needed to ensure your back-end processes don’t hit a plateau.

Better eCommerce Fulfillment and Logistics at Your Fingertips

As you grow your eCommerce business, attempting to take on fulfillment and logistics on your own can be a waste of time and resources. You need an industry-seasoned third-party logistics provider with experience in optimizing warehouse processes. You need Dotcom Distribution.

As a strategic eCommerce fulfillment partner, we streamline fulfillment capabilities by leveraging:

  • Several warehouse locations that offer same-day and expedited ground service shipping to 75 percent of U.S. customers.
  • Fulfillment processes that provide seasonal scalability with a proven peak capacity for up to 30 times your brand’s typical order volume.
  • Fulfillment center performance that is consistently monitored and controlled through in-depth reports and quality analytics.

Dotcom Distribution for Your eCommerce Fulfillment and Logistics

Put your eCommerce business on the path to an agile, effective eCommerce order fulfillment and logistics strategy. To get started and learn more about Dotcom Distribution’s services, contact us today.

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